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Throwback Thursday

This was taken August 1, 2017 at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge.

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Something Old

On my way home from work today I pass drive past this old car and had to make a u-turn and snap a picture.  This is for Throwback Thursday.

I found out about this new app called Super Photo by Lumix1216 (click his name and check out his IG account) and gave it a try.  This can take pictures to another level if you are not that savvy in Photoshop.

What do you think?  Do you like the first image or the second?

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A view into the past

Batsto Village

After the little ones explored the weird on Sunday my oldest daughter and her husband did shine more exploring.

We venture to Batsto Village. I have not been here in about 2 years. The last time was for a car show.

It was a nice relaxing day.  Weather was perfect and company was even better.


To live in Batsto Village there were certain rules that you had to follow.  The things that people had to endure back in the day.  I am glad that we now have the labor board.


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A Throwback in Time

Vintage car at the 2014 Car Show at Batso Village (click the link for a bit of history). I am not sure what type of car this is but it is a timeless classic.

Original photo with two versions of an edit.  Which do you prefer?


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Throwback Thursday: OBX

Today officially marks 7 days away from the beginning of peace and relaxation.  I cannot wait!

Vacation will be in our usual location, Outer Banks, NC.  I have already begun reviewing some of the pictures from last year.  I will be able to see the sunrise again.

Here is one of my favorite pictures from last year.



To see last year’s post click here.

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Throwback Thursday

For this week’s Thursday Throwback are pictures from June 3, 2014 that I took at the Grounds for Sculpture.

From a distance these sculptures could pass for real people, caught in a moment of time.


Click herehere, here, and yes here too to  see last year’s post.  My picture of Marilyn Monroe even made it in the local paper.

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Throwback Thursday

A few of the old treasures in my mother’s back yard.


Water cooler, hoe, and a child’s toy car.


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Throwback Thursday*

During my venture into Salem County New Jersey this past weekend I came across this abandoned farm.  The grass was overgrown and the red house is a bit tattered, while the barn lacked any real color.

Often times when I see an abandoned house I wonder why the family left and what their life may have been like. At other times I imagine buying the property and restoring it to its past glory.



That little black dot on the roof of the house is a vulture.   It was huge.  I   managed to capture a quick picture of him before he slipped behind the barn.


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*Yes I know it is officially Friday morning here but it is still Thursday on the west coast.

What Once Was…

Throwback Thursday

The SS Atlantus was built in 1918 and served 2 years transporting troops after Wold War I from Europe back to the states and coal to Europe.  After only 2 years of service she was retired to a salvage yard located Virginia in 1920.  SS Atlantus came out of retirement in 1926 and brought to NJ to create a new ferry service in Cape May NJ (her legacy continues with the Cape May Lewes Ferry).

Unfortunately a storm hit and the ship ran aground about 150 feet from shore and after many attempts to free her they were not able to free the SS Atlantus.  She was damaged and sunk.

The picture below is all that remains.

One of the interesting facts is that the SS Atlantus is made of concrete.  How does a concrete ship float?

Sunken Ship

Sunken Ship


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Finally a great sign!

On 10/4/14 the WP Photo Challenge was signs.  In October the price for a gallon of regular gas was $2.95.  Sightly over 2 months later the price for gas had dropped down to $1.99.  YA YA!! We have not seen prices this low in many years.  It is something how price can drop down so much when governments argue.

Will the price go up again once they kiss and make up?? (I do understand that it is more complicated than this.)

This also doubles as a Throw back Thursday post.

And it continues to drop!

And it continues to drop!

What are the gas prices like in your area?

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