Throwback Thursday*

During my venture into Salem County New Jersey this past weekend I came across this abandoned farm.  The grass was overgrown and the red house is a bit tattered, while the barn lacked any real color.

Often times when I see an abandoned house I wonder why the family left and what their life may have been like. At other times I imagine buying the property and restoring it to its past glory.



That little black dot on the roof of the house is a vulture.   It was huge.  I   managed to capture a quick picture of him before he slipped behind the barn.


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*Yes I know it is officially Friday morning here but it is still Thursday on the west coast.

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  1. There is something with this old abandoned houses. Very nice photos!

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  2. Like something out of a film.

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  3. that looks so beautiful and cool 🙂

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  4. I vote for buying it and restoring it. A lot of character there. 🙂

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  5. I love that first pictures!

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  6. You made both the barn and house pretty, at least for a few minutes. I can see why you were attracted to them (i.e., you showed me what you saw). The hawk was great too – you really have to move fast. I had one overhead when I took my walk the other day and by the time I swung my camera up, it was gone to the far end.


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  7. I wonder about abandoned houses too and like to think that at one time they were filled with love and happiness. There is beauty in them though even when they stand neglected. Enjoyed your photos a lot.

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  8. I couldn’t agree more. Old, abandoned houses also make me think of the families that lived there. This farm/barn would be nice to buy and rehab!

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  9. When I look at it I see people aged and in need of restoration. Lovely photo

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  10. Thank you Relic . I can imagine an old couple sitting on the porch just watching the traffic wiz by.


  11. Such a lovely house to fall into disrepair.

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