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WP Photo Challenge: Change

While at Liberty Park I too a few pictures of the buildings in New York.  I did some editing/changing and would like you to tell me which you prefer.  Forgive the little spots on the images at  some point very soon I need to get the camera cleaned.

Here is the original photo and 2 additional pictures that show my edits:



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Let me know which you prefer!


Throwback Thursday*

During my venture into Salem County New Jersey this past weekend I came across this abandoned farm.  The grass was overgrown and the red house is a bit tattered, while the barn lacked any real color.

Often times when I see an abandoned house I wonder why the family left and what their life may have been like. At other times I imagine buying the property and restoring it to its past glory.



That little black dot on the roof of the house is a vulture.   It was huge.  I   managed to capture a quick picture of him before he slipped behind the barn.


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*Yes I know it is officially Friday morning here but it is still Thursday on the west coast.

Oldest church in Salem?

It truly amazes me that buildings can still remain fully in tact for over 200 years.  I am sure that repairs were completed but the bones of the building are still standing strong.

Will the buildings we build today still be around in 2215 or later?



Oldest church in Salem County?


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Angles and Lines

The more I get into photography the more I notice things around me.

At first glance the first picture is just a simple alleyway with some guard poles.  When I think about it for a photo I began to see the lines and the contradiction between the lines and the circular columns. I begin to imagine different ways to take the shot.

The second photo is an old brick building but I did not want to take it straight on I wanted to see it from a different point of view.

Finally I like the contradiction between the 2 buildings besides old and new.  The tall building the lines are well-defined bu the second on has more curves.  To me they are opposites.

I welcome your thoughts and opinions on how you shoot or determine what you will shoot.

Edits done with SnapSeed on Samsung Note 4

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