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A Little Reflection

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Photo of the Day

Spring has finally sprung on the calendar, in the air and in my feelings.  I went to a local park and my mother’s house to take a few pictures, then went to a local store, Produce Junction, and bought a bouquet of colorful flowers.

It felt good to be out photographing again.  Looking at all the buds starting to form on trees, flowers on others and even some plants bursting through the soil just made me feel good today.

I can not wait till the spring warmth is really here.

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WP Challenge: Unusual

This weeks photo challenge is unusual.  So I decided to try something similar to what Mjleubecker did on Instagram.  He used pears but I decided to use a lime and a lemon and create a Limon.

How do you think I did?


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A Little Ripple

This tulip was originally posted about 2 months ago for Monochrome Monday.  I decided to play a little in Photoshop on the original image to see what it can become.

I followed a YouTube video, Best Technique to Create Realistic Water Reflections to create a reflection and a little ripple to resemble water.  It is not perfect but it came out ok.


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Through the Grass

The sunrise yesterday was not very dramatic as it was very cloudy and the sun decided to hide behind the clouds.



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First Morning of Vacation!!


I arrived in OBX (Outer Banks, NC) yesterday afternoon for our annual family vacation.

A tradition that my father and I have is to get up and go to the beach to watch the sunrise.  Back in New Jersey I can never get up this early to go to the shore to see this amazing wonder.




This is Ebony one of my father’s dogs.  She is now blind but still loves to go the beach and walk in the water.


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End of a Season

This weeks WP Photo Challenge is Seasons.

This was taken at my Work Oasis a few days ago.  It depicts the end of summer with a dead/dormant plant and winter fully upon us with a frozen lake.

Seasons End

Seasons End

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While sitting in my car at my Work Oasis I noticed that the entire lake was frozen except this one spot.

As I got closer I was able to see the sky reflected.

I chose to make most of the photo black and white except the unfrozen portion of the lake.


mirror image 2


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Passing of the Tourch

I enjoy celebrating Christmas with family and friends but after the presents are open and everyone goes home, whats the point of the tree?

For the past 30 years my christmas tree stays up no more than 2 days.  Only once, that I recall, did the tree make it to see January 1st.  My children always wanted it to stay longer but to me it served its purpose.  And since I bought the tree, I say when it goes.

So this year, Arai’s mommy (Essence – my middle daughter) finally understood where I was coming from.  She took the tree down on December 26 with absolutely no prompting from me.  I was happy and surprised at the same time.  They always gave me such a hard time over the years.

Christmas Ball

Christmas Ball

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Work Oasis 3

The changing of the leaves are really beginning to pop at my Work Oasis.

work oasis 3



Between the Lines


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