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Photo of the Day

Spring has finally sprung on the calendar, in the air and in my feelings.  I went to a local park and my mother’s house to take a few pictures, then went to a local store, Produce Junction, and bought a bouquet of colorful flowers.

It felt good to be out photographing again.  Looking at all the buds starting to form on trees, flowers on others and even some plants bursting through the soil just made me feel good today.

I can not wait till the spring warmth is really here.

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Shadows and Lines – version 2

I posted the color version of this fence the other day and Themofman from Modes of Flight stated that he would like to see this in moderate to high contrast black and white.

I am still working to improve my black and white photography/editing skills so please offer any constructive critiques on what I can change.  I am also willing to share the original image to see how you could make it look GREAT.

Version 2 - Shadows and Lines

Version 2 – Shadows and Lines


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Simply Elegant



I have always thought that this bird was among the top 5 in elegance.

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Just a Bench

Here is a before and after look at a bench.  The first one is straight out of camera with no edits applied.  The second one was edited using Snap Seed.

What is your opinion on the black and white version?


~ Before ~


~ After ~

~ After ~


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Side Street Sunday

My visit to Love Park and City Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Click on the links to learn about the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection.

One little know fact about the Love Park statue is that actor Kevin Bacon’s father was involved in its creation/planning.

Click to learn more about the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Pictures taken with Samsung Note 4 and Sony @65

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The Paintworks – Gibbsboro NJ

On a minor detour for my Side Street Sunday post I went to the former location of Lucas Paints affectionately called “The Paintworks” of Gibbsboro New Jersey.  Looking up some of the history shows that the Lucas’ searched most rivers east of the Mississippi to find a lake that had the least amount of minerals in it and found that Silver Lake was perfect for his paint making needs.

Although they did not know it at the time the making of lead based paint contaminated the lake.  Over the years the lake was cleaned and turned into a beautiful park with a walking/running trail.


In camera black & White with edits in SnapSeed.

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Side Street Sunday (3)

Today for my Side Street Sunday ride I decided to venture in the neighboring town of Cherry Hill into a housing development called Barclay Farms.

I have driven past this street daily for a complete years when I worked in the area but I never had a need to go down this particular street.

Once in the housing development I discover that this is a historic community.  There is a historic farm-house that made the national registry back in 1978.  It also includes a park with a walking trail that is about 3/4 of a mile in length.

They even have a community garden.  Most of the plants in the garden were dying for the coming winter months but there were still a few blooming plants.







Busy Bees in the Park

Took a little photo stroll in the local park today taking pictures of my surroundings.

Today was a good day.



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A stroll in the park


A bridge has no allegiance to either side.” By Author unknown

Took a walk in Berlin Park today. I lived in this area for most of my life and never actually walked this park. 


A Dragonfly even decided to pose for me. 


I am not sure if this is a “weed” or a “flower” but I thought it photographed nicely. 



American Robin

My namesake,  Turdus Migratirius better known as the American Robin,  enjoying the last sunrays of the evening. 

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