Passing of the Tourch

I enjoy celebrating Christmas with family and friends but after the presents are open and everyone goes home, whats the point of the tree?

For the past 30 years my christmas tree stays up no more than 2 days.  Only once, that I recall, did the tree make it to see January 1st.  My children always wanted it to stay longer but to me it served its purpose.  And since I bought the tree, I say when it goes.

So this year, Arai’s mommy (Essence – my middle daughter) finally understood where I was coming from.  She took the tree down on December 26 with absolutely no prompting from me.  I was happy and surprised at the same time.  They always gave me such a hard time over the years.

Christmas Ball

Christmas Ball

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  1. I looked at my tree this morning and thought the very same thing i.e. why is it still up??? Loved this post and glad your daughter is ahead of the game this time around 🙂

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  2. Technically, one has to wait for January 6th, the arrival of the “Rois mages” (Wise kings?)
    But that’s tehnically. Congratulations, your daughter finally responded after 25 years or so of training! 🙂
    (Joke of course)
    Be good

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