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Feeling a Little Crabby

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Art of Observation

To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”
Elliott Erwitt


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A Flat Planet

Although the sun is “emerging” from the other side, it does appear that it is on the edge of the ocean.

This was taken while I was on vacation in Nags Head, North Carolina.



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Fair Play

On our last full day of vacation a surprise water fight was planned.  It was unfair to some as they had to find their hidden water balloons and water guns, while the instigators had theirs and were attacking at full force.

My niece Caila, who is so innocent looking, decided to get one of the instigators back in a really good way.  She was getting squirted with water in her face but that did not deter her from her mission…Get Rob!

The pictures did not come out great I hope you see the fun that they had.


Unfortunately Rob did not follow my suggestion and take his cell out of his pocket before the fight started so there were actually 2 casualties in the pool.

Rob started out being just another co-worker and then he became friends with my nephew Keith and now he is part of the family.  He has been going on vacation with us for the past 4 years.

Here is just a small fraction of my family.  There were 23 of us this year (one not pictured).

DSC03675-01 (1)



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Looking for the shot



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Through the Grass

The sunrise yesterday was not very dramatic as it was very cloudy and the sun decided to hide behind the clouds.



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WP Photo Challenge: Happy Place

Besides visiting family and friends my happy place(s) are many.  My recent trip to see the Statue of Liberty was a happy place to be.  I enjoy visiting new places both popular tourist attractions and local favorites.

View of Newy York City

View of New York City

My all time favorite place to be is the beach watching the sunrise and seeing its golden glow on the beach and sand.


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A Bit of Wilderness – Work Oasis

Today I decided to make a really short video so that you can see where I go to relax on my lunch breaks most days.


This lake could be anywhere in the middle of the wilderness but it is located at the end of a parking lot that holds hundreds of cars daily.



I am surprised that I do not see more people here releasing some of the work stress that we deal with on a daily basis.


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(Updated to add to this weeks photo challenge, Happy (and Relaxing) Place)

Only the Tail

While on vacation two weeks ago I was able to see a “pod” of dolphins going in and out of the water.  Although this image is a bit grainy you can see the tail of the dolphin.

It was beautiful to see these creatures against the colorful sunrise.

Dolphin Tail

Dolphin Tail


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Free to be

This little girl did not care that I was watching the sunrise and taking pictures.  She just wanted to run and play in the ocean.

As an adult most of us aren’t going to lose our adult mindset and run free when there is a camera in the very near vicinity.   I know I am not.  That is one of the things that I miss about being a kid.

A child does not have all of those self-imposed constraints on them.   Their mind is free to do what they want without worry about what others may say.

This little girl truly enjoyed the sunrise.

Free to be!

Free to be!


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