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Fading Love

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Between Flights – Update

Last week on WP and Instagram I posted a black and white photo of a fly resting on a flower which I called “Between Flights 2” and, well it got chosen to be in our local newspaper, The Courier-Post, for todays printing.  This is the 4th photo of mine that has been printed in the paper!




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Between Flights

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In Honor of…..


My shadow also known as my grandson Arai, was helping me pull weeds in the flower bed today.  He wants to do what mom-mom is doing but his attention span needs to be a bit longer.  I did more calling him back to help me finish me then he actually worked.  He is a work in progress….




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Monochrome Monday: Droplets

Slight twist on some tulips.

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Cluster of Love


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The chicks have hatched! 18/30

The Chicks and Hens have bloomed.

I was expecting really brilliant and detailed flowers since the plant itself is not very detailed or colorful. But it is not.  It looks very delicate and the petals are a very soft pink.

What do you think?


The Chicks have hatched!

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Looking at the details 17/30

Entered into this weeks Daily Post Challenge: Details


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Have you ever seen this? 13/30

I have these succulents, Chick’s and Hens, that were originally my Grandmother’s so these plants are old.  I do not recall ever seeing them grow like this.

Have you ever seen them grow like this?   Is this something that only happens sometimes?



Did you notice the giant spiderweb?

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Standing Out 9/30

Today I did not go out and take any pictures.  Traci and I planned to go to Wildwood NJ to see sand sculptures and taste some BBQ at the competition going on this weekend but the weather looked like rain all day.  Hopefully we can go tomorrow, the weather is looking better.

So I stayed home and watched a YouTube video by Terry White on the 10 things you need to know about Photoshop.  Some of the things were the same or very similar as Photoshop Elements so I am not as uneducated as I thought but it did show that I have sooooo much to learn.

I worked some more on selective color and adjusting the exposure  Here is todays project.

Selective Color 1


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