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A view into the past

Batsto Village

After the little ones explored the weird on Sunday my oldest daughter and her husband did shine more exploring.

We venture to Batsto Village. I have not been here in about 2 years. The last time was for a car show.

It was a nice relaxing day.  Weather was perfect and company was even better.


To live in Batsto Village there were certain rules that you had to follow.  The things that people had to endure back in the day.  I am glad that we now have the labor board.


Thanks for taking a step back into the past with me!


After Jonas

Sundays is usually the day that I take a drive to a new place or down a street that I have never been down before to see what I can see.  I would then post a Side Street Sunday.  Well the storm hinder that from happening this weekend so I did the next best thing.  Took a stroll in the woods in almost knee-high snow.

This was an adventure to say the least.  I have not done something like this since I was a kid.

I love looking at the snow resting on the branches and leaves and how it just glistens in the morning sun creating areas of brightness and shadows everywhere.  It was refreshing!


This is the last of the snow pictures until the next storm hits.

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The Golden Hour

Golden Hour

Golden Hour


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Open Invitation to Roam

How many of you photographers out there view a “private property no trespassing” sign as an open invite to cross that imaginary line just a bit?

Open invitation

I don’t usually break the law but when I see something that I want to photography and I have viewed this sign as an invitation to proceed.

As a result of todays “invitation” I was able to capture these 2 rusty old tractors. It felt as if they were calling my name “….Robin, Robin over here…” LOL

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Side Street Sunday: The Halfwit

Today on my journey to find something new I stumbled on something old on a stretch of route 73 that I have no traveled in a while.  Mr. Bills Coney Island restaurant.

As kids back in the 1970’s it was a treat to go to Mr. Bills for breakfast on a saturday morning or some ice cream after a hot day of playing with friends.

Mr. Bills is now closed but the famous landmark still remains.  Mr.s Bills famous landmark has been around for approximately 50 years and it has a very strong likeness to the face of Alfred E. Neuman from Mad Magazine.  He is officially know as the Happy Halfwit


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Side Street Sunday – Stuck



at times i’m stuck
my shackles tight
yet self-imposed
they keep me here
away from you
my only light
can’t save me from myself

by Hiroki

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Side Street Sunday

Yesterday my sister-in-law and I took a walk in the woods.  She knew I wanted to take some pictures of something but did not want to go to the usual places.  So she took me into the woods where her son took her once.

There was a lake hidden back there that I never knew existed.  It seems that the area I live in has a lot of lakes and ponds, most seem to be hidden.  However the kids know where most of these lakes are.

This bridge was built in 1940.


Just before sunset.

I like how the sun is shining on the trees in the center while all the others are still in a shadow.

Have you gone down any side streets recently?  Have you discovered anything new?

If so, tag your pictures “Side Street Sunday”* or add a link to the comments.

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(*This does not have to be on a Sunday just posted on Sundays)

Side Street Sunday

Today for my first Side Street Sunday post I present to you a leaf, a fungus, a weed, and a piece of caution tape.  These items caught my eye as I walked round the lake looking for something different to photograph.

To see images from my prior visit just click here.


I liked the curl and shadow on this dried up leaf.


This fungus caught my eye because it decided to grow around the vine.


I just liked the puffiness of this weed.

Hopefully nothing serious happened here.

Hopefully nothing serious happened here.

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Side Street Sunday (6) – Part 1 – Black & White

Today’s Side Street Sunday post was not taken on a new road but on a road that I frequently travel.

I like to take this road because of the railroad tracks.  I like to imagine the different place that the conductor has steered his train.

Have you every imagined (only the good stuff) being a Hobo back in the day?  Stealing a ride on board one of the freight cars?  Where would you go?  Would you always live your life as a Hobo forever travelling and seeing the country or would you just like to get to a new place to start ?

The pictures were all done black and white in camera (rich tone Mono) no edits.


There was this machine on the tracks that I have seen before bu can only assume that it helps keep the tracks straight and remove the debris.


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