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The SS Atlantus was built in 1918 and served 2 years transporting troops after Wold War I from Europe back to the states and coal to Europe.  After only 2 years of service she was retired to a salvage yard located Virginia in 1920.  SS Atlantus came out of retirement in 1926 and brought to NJ to create a new ferry service in Cape May NJ (her legacy continues with the Cape May Lewes Ferry).

Unfortunately a storm hit and the ship ran aground about 150 feet from shore and after many attempts to free her they were not able to free the SS Atlantus.  She was damaged and sunk.

The picture below is all that remains.

One of the interesting facts is that the SS Atlantus is made of concrete.  How does a concrete ship float?

Sunken Ship

Sunken Ship


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  1. Thank you Lisa and thanks for the retweet!


  2. We used to live close by this site. Always sad to see a sunken ship – but I often wondered about concrete as a ship choice -;)
    Nice post. Have a great weekend.
    cate b

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  3. Sunken ships draw me in a most mysterious way – thank you so much for showing her to me!

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  4. Great topic for the topic! We will just call you, Slick—Slick. 🙂

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  5. Wow never thought that it was made out of concrete!

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  6. What were the nautical engineers thinking?

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