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WP Photo Challenge: Off-Season

This weeks WP Photo Challenge is to show things Off-Season.  I stretched this theme a bit by showing things that are out of season or out of style nowadays.

The first 2 images are of the same picture, crystal-like knobs on a classic car.  Back in the day it was common place to see crystal knobs in a lot of homes but now it is extremely rare.  It was even rarer to see them on a car.

Crystal Knobs 2

Crystal Knobs 2

Crystal Knobs 1

Crystal Knobs 1

I like the color version better as it shows more of the reflection but what do you think?



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**Taken at Batsto Village 2014 Classic Car Show.

Throwback Thursday

A few of the old treasures in my mother’s back yard.


Water cooler, hoe, and a child’s toy car.


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Throw Back Thursday

My mother is an avid collector of antiques.  Since I can remember she would gather up my brothers and myself and head out to some random store to find at least one treasure of the day.

We would venture to the Berlin Farmers Market (The Auction) (rain or shine),  thrift stores, yard sales, or anywhere that could possible have something really old and at a bargain price.

It was a thrill for her to find out how much something was really worth compared o what she bought it for.  She would get out one of her pricing books to see how much the item would cost if she purchased it at an auction or from an antique dealer.

Our house was filled with old things that belonged to others at one time or another.  As a kid we hated this.  As adults we have come to appreciate it very much.

Here is just a fraction of the items she has purchased over the years.

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Photo Challenge – Relic (2)

This weeks Photo Challenge – Relic

As a lot of you may know I go to my mother’s home for some of my flower pictures, well I was able to go again for this weeks Photo challenge – Relic.

My mother is an avid antique collector and  this is just a tiny fraction of what she has collected over the years.



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