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Throw Back Thursday

My mother is an avid collector of antiques.  Since I can remember she would gather up my brothers and myself and head out to some random store to find at least one treasure of the day.

We would venture to the Berlin Farmers Market (The Auction) (rain or shine),  thrift stores, yard sales, or anywhere that could possible have something really old and at a bargain price.

It was a thrill for her to find out how much something was really worth compared o what she bought it for.  She would get out one of her pricing books to see how much the item would cost if she purchased it at an auction or from an antique dealer.

Our house was filled with old things that belonged to others at one time or another.  As a kid we hated this.  As adults we have come to appreciate it very much.

Here is just a fraction of the items she has purchased over the years.

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WP Photo Challenge: Signs (2)

My second entry into this weeks WP Photo Challenge is one that many can appreciate……..


Finally under $3.00 a gallon here in NJ

Finally regular gas is under $3.00 a gallon here in NJ!


……..but how long will it last?!?!

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WP Photo Challenge: Signs

This weeks challenge is “signs”.  It can be literal or figurative.

This entry could also be part of the dialogue challenge on WP.


Dialogue between the packs!

Dialogue between the packs!


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Photo Challenge – Relic (2)

This weeks Photo Challenge – Relic

As a lot of you may know I go to my mother’s home for some of my flower pictures, well I was able to go again for this weeks Photo challenge – Relic.

My mother is an avid antique collector and  this is just a tiny fraction of what she has collected over the years.



What a little bit of make-up can do…


Without any makeup

Without any makeup

Dolled up a bit

Dolled up a bit

I made it in the local paper!

My mother is my strongest supporter in getting some of my photography noticed by the powers that be.  She told me how our local paper “Courier-Post” wants its residents to show them what we see and do in South Jersey.

To enter you just need to tag photos #sjshowus on Instagram and they will select pictures to be featured each sunday.

For the last 2 weeks I have been tagging some my photos, #sjshowus, and I got featured in today’s paper for my picture of Marilyn Monroe.



 I am so HAPPY!

Here is Marilyn Monroe again.

~ Marilyn Monroe ~

~ Marilyn Monroe ~


Beauty to the Eyes

A Walk Down Memory Lane

I am Jersey born and raise but for a couple of years I lived in Peoria Arizona.  In my perfect world I would have a home in New Jersey and Arizona.  That would make me a very happy person.   At times I would long for Arizona and those feelings were triggered today when I reviewed a fellow bloggers post, iRiPhotography. This picture inspired me to pull up some of my desert picks.  

Prior to moving to Arizona I never though that I would find the desert calming but it did just that, calmed me on those bad days.  I would just get in my Saturn and drive up route 17 and just get off a random exit to see what was there and I was always able to find a view that I liked. 

Thanks Joseph for the walk down memory lane!



The beautiful colors of the sunset.

WP - DSC05577


Cape May – Lewes Ferry

Today I took an impromptu drive to Cape May New Jersey to take a few pics at the Cape May-Lewes Ferry.  A lot of people take the 45 minute Ferry ride to venture into Lewes Delaware.

I learned today that part of Cape May is an island.  I have lived in this state for almost 48 years and never knew that it was an island.

An Island??

An Island??

From my home to the Ferry it takes approximately 1.5 hours to get there but the drive is worth it.  It provided me peaceful time to think about the week to come and the next photo excursion.  I think Philadelphia Wednesday.

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