WP Photo Challenge: Off-Season

This weeks WP Photo Challenge is to show things Off-Season.  I stretched this theme a bit by showing things that are out of season or out of style nowadays.

The first 2 images are of the same picture, crystal-like knobs on a classic car.  Back in the day it was common place to see crystal knobs in a lot of homes but now it is extremely rare.  It was even rarer to see them on a car.

Crystal Knobs 2

Crystal Knobs 2

Crystal Knobs 1

Crystal Knobs 1

I like the color version better as it shows more of the reflection but what do you think?



Stop by the Daily Post to see other versions of “Off-Season“.


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**Taken at Batsto Village 2014 Classic Car Show.


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  1. 2 kewl fer skewl .is what i do fer fun is build hot rods fer fun 🙂 way cool nevrtheless ride this one is .i like 😎

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  2. Love the colour in that first shot.

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  3. I like the colors, too. I remember those knobs, but never on a car! LOL

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  4. Like the color version better also.

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  5. the colour one works better in this instance. You need more contrast for B/W photos. Great shot!!


  6. A crystal knob on a car? How fancy…

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  7. And the colour version does favour the knob better.

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