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Queen Anne’s Lace.  I have seen this a thousand times and never realized that it was red in the center.  It may only be on certain ones or I just never really looked not sure.



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I Found It!

King Arthur’s Sword!

If you look closely you may be able to see it too.

king arthurs sword2

Do you see the sword? Or do you see a golden apple?

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Still an Oasis in the Rain

For the past two days the weather here in New Jersey has been very gray and raining.  Even in this dreary weather my oasis is still a calming place.

Where is your calming place when you are at work?


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Side street sunday – Autumn Colors 2




Photos taken Sunday at Cooper River park.

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The word “IMPOSSIBLE”  actually says “I’M POSSIBLE” follow your dream and your heart.  It is possible.

vanilla cream


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Side Street Sunday: Liberty Park – Statue of Liberty

The Lady herself the Statue of Liberty.

It was a beautiful scene watching the ships pass by the statue as we cruised along the ferry to meet the impressive Lady of Justice.


Statue of Liberty

Due to the time of day we had a choice to go to Ellis Island or go to Liberty Island, we chose Liberty Island.

Added to the WP Photo Challenge: Change as people came from all over the world to Ellis Island to make a change in their lives.

We are planning on going back soon to tour Ellis Island.

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Lighthouse in Corolla, NC

On my way to get information on the wild horses in Corolla  my niece and I came across a lighthouse.

Currituck Beach Lighthouse was completed on December 1, 1875. This is still a functioning lighthouse that is owned by OBC (Outer Banks Conservationist).

Some facts:

  1.  There are 220 steps to the top
  2. 1,000,000 bricks
  3. Base of the lighthouse is over 5 1/2 feet thick
  4. Top of lighthouse is 3 feet thick

Check out Wikipedia for more facts.

Currituck Lighthouse

Currituck Lighthouse


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Wordless Wednesday



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(Taken on 8/18/15 OBX)

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