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My watermelon plants have started to bloom with bright yellow flowers. There are 3 plants in this bed.


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He’d Rather Be….

My grandson, Arai, has been a bit under the weather the last couple of days with a cold and asthma acting up again.  Instead of him resting like his mother said, he’d rather be out in the snow with me taking pictures.  He did not care that he had his pajama shorts on and his shoes on the wrong feet he was determined that he was going out.

I had to convince him that if he was better tomorrow we will go out and play in the snow.


We are experiencing a winter wonderland. The new says that it could be as much as 12 inches.

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Just a Bit of Attitude

I do not know why but I have a thing for bugs, insects and such.  My grandson Arai is aware of this so when every he sees a bug he calls me to take pictures of it.

Yesterday he saw a butterfly on my flowers and proceeded to tell me to come out “….Mom-mom come here there’s a white butterfly with a mole on it, hurry-up and be quite you don’t want to scare it…”.  He listens so well (when he wants to).



After this was taken he chose not to listen to his mother and was sent to “time-out”.  He was all attitude at that point.


But lucky for us, his attitudes do not last long.  Within 5 minutes we were back looking for more insects to photograph.

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7 Days of Nature Challenge (1/7)

Lena over at iPictureThis nominated me for the 7 Day Nature Photo Challenge and I gladly accept.

April has started out like the old saying says “April Showers Bring May Flowers”.  Yesterday was raining off and on all day and today is chilly and very gray.

While running errands today I saw these flowers (of course I don’t know the name) and they brought a bit of sunshine into a dull day.  I wish that the blooms would last longer.

yellow flower 1


To take part in the challenge you are to post one nature photo per day for seven days and nominate a new member.  I do realize that everyone does not like to participate in these types of challenges so if you are nominated please do not feel obligated to participate.

My day one nomination is Steven who blogs at Ordinary Handsome Steven is a writer and photographer.  His photography is wonderful.  He sees things a bit different than most I always enjoy looking at his work.

If you have not seen his work before make sure you visit Ordinary Handsome you will not be disappointed.

Lena thanks for the nomination!


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A Million and One Hairs

Million and One

Million and One

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Behind the Veil

For my final sunset post I present to you Behind the Veil.  I drove about 1 mile from the first set of sunset photos to a lake to hopefully get another great shot.

The color started to change as the sun dropped even more.  Now I am able to see a bit of purple and pink in the clouds.  Although the color is not as dramatic as the fiery orange from the earlier pictures, I still like how it came out.

sunset 3 3-17-16

Behind the Veil   

sunset 4 3-17-16

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Work Oasis

As of this post the temperature in my part of New Jersey is 79°F. Another perfect day!

I am enjoying my Work Oasis but I am not alone.  Today there are plenty of visitors getting out and enjoying this beautiful weather.

I snuck a few shots of them on their walk.

Work Oasis203

Work Oasis201

Work Oasis202

House the weather in your neighborhood?

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From the Forest Floor – Teepee



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Last night my niece celebrated her 30th birthday so I was elected to babysit 3 little ones.  With the crying, fighting and sweetness we called it an early night, including me with a splitting headache from all the noise.  It was good during the sweetness to have the kids at the house.

In the morning I woke early and needed to figure out what to do as I did not want to start the day the same way it ended.

So Arai and I made breakfast (pancakes and sausage) and he did some dishes as I cooked.  This little task helped set the mood for the morning.


The Dishwasher

After breakfast we go dressed and went on an Adventure in the woods.  This was all done by 9am.

We walked the woods for a good hour and a half (mainly in circles).  Arai and Camren were totally enjoying our walk.

Since this was an adventure Arai needed to find some treasure.  He found at least 5 pinecones and a piece of wood that he claimed as treasure which Mom-mom (me) had to photograph and hide in her pockets (yes I still have them).  I am think of making a treasure map and hiding some things in the woods for our next adventure.

Seeing how they all interacted in the woods made me glad that I am out of that apartment and in a house that has some land and surrounded by woods.

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