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From Where I Stand – 1

I started working a second part-time job at the local big box hardware store back in December.  It took a minute for my body to get used to standing and walking for 4-5 hours at a time.  But my body is finally used to it and no longer am I ready for bed when I come home.


                       From Where I Stand – 1



My last post was back in November regarding the book that I am writing.  I am still working on it and will be moving to the next stage (editor review) very soon.


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Wave Conqueror

My family vacation started Saturday and this year I decided to be adventurous and bring my grandson, Arai. Having a 4-year-old in a 7 hour car ride is enough to drive most people insane.  Somehow we both managed to survive and made it safely to OBX, Outer Banks North Carolina.

Arai had the pleasure of waking up at 5:30 am yesterday morning to go see the sunrise with me and Pop-pop.  He was amazed.  Although this was not the best view of a sunrise since 75% of the sun was covered by clouds, which Arai thought was a mountain.

I let him get his feet wet in the ocean but he had other plans.  When he was finished he was totally soaked from the waist down.  In this picture I am not sure what he was thinking but if I had to guess it would be that he conquered the waves.


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Things That Make you Say “HMMM…”

Driving down this little side street by my home I came across this toilet.  Someone must have actually dumped it there instead of it falling off a truck.  I say this because it was just sitting upright just to the side of the road.

What have you seen on the side of the street that makes you say “hmmm….”?

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Bonus:  Check out Arsenio Hall on things that make you go hmmm..

7 Days of Nature Challenge (6/7)

Mother Nature has thrown a tantrum

The calendar says that spring arrived on March 20 which was twenty days ago.  Now Mother Nature must not like us telling her when to start Spring so she had to let us know that she was was not finished with winter yet.  She blanketed part of the north-east United Sates with varying degrees of snow.

Here in NJ we got a bit more than a dusting but not too bad compared to what some got out in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Here are some pictures from my part of the world.

Snow Tracker

When will Spring actually arrive?

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Weekly Chore

Dusting furniture,  washing dishes,  taking out the trash, and mopping floors are all chores that I would rather do than laundry.  I miss having my kids at home.

This evening I spent and hour and a half at the laundromat and another 45 minutes folding clothes.  But on a positive note it is one less thing for me to do over the weekend.

What is the one household core you would like delegate to someone else?

laundry day

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The Treacherous Three’s


Happy 3rd Birthday Day Arai.

My grandson has reached another milestone.  He turned 3 last week. His mother and I survived the terrible 2’s and we are now entering into the treacherous 3’s.

We celebrated with a Thomas the Train themed party and all of his cousins and friends attended. He totally enjoyed being the center of attention.



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After they leave

Clementon Park is located in Clementon, New Jersey and has been around since 1907. It is not big like the Six Flags amusement parks but it is great for the local community.

There is a different feel to the park when there are no children running around and having the time of their lives.


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WP Photo Challenge: Happy Place

Besides visiting family and friends my happy place(s) are many.  My recent trip to see the Statue of Liberty was a happy place to be.  I enjoy visiting new places both popular tourist attractions and local favorites.

View of Newy York City

View of New York City

My all time favorite place to be is the beach watching the sunrise and seeing its golden glow on the beach and sand.


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“The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.”

Oscar Wilde




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Almost at the end

I took a walk at one of the local lakes saturday and you  can see that summer is almost over.  It seems that Mother Nature is trying to rush the next season.  Although the temperature reached 91 degrees with full humidity today I could feel and see that there is a change coming.  Autumnal equinox will officially begin on September 23.

I do enjoy the fall/autumn season but I am not ready for summer to end.  Due to work schedules and life in general I did not get to explore all that I wanted to.  My to do list just keeps growing.

What season is it where you live?

New Brooklyn Lake

New Brooklyn Lake


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