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A throwback from May 2017.

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At the Butchers

I went to the butcher’s about a month ago and this beauty was in the corral along with a few others.

I hope he never sees the inside of the butchers shop.

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The Roots

Here is another photo from the corn field that I captured yesterday.

I have never looked, or had a reason to look, at the roots of a stalk of corn.  It looks like it is doing a balancing act on the narrow tips of the outer root system.

DSC00236-Corn Stalk-Selective color

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Blonde Bombshell!

While on my way home from visiting my father today I stopped on the side of the road to take some pictures of corn.  I took a few pictures for this weeks Daily Post Challenge, Narrow (posting later).  When I looked at the husk of this corn it looked like hair.  I decided to edit it using the painting filter in Superphoto Plus and it really looks like wind-blown blonde hair.

What do you think?


blonde bombshell


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Say Cheeeesssseee

While I was visiting Winnie at the Ranch I notice this horse (no name again) coming up to the fence.  So I ventured over to him and he just started “talking”.  He made me feel more at ease.  Although I like horses their size makes me a bit apprehensive.  I think I masked it pretty good as I did not want them to feel any negative energy from me.



This short video is of another horse in this same pen.  I think after he saw how the horse above was interacting with me he decided to join in.


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WP Photo Challenge: On the Way

What I see on the way to Woodstown NJ

At this garden and farm supply company they have a colorful way to attract customers.  As you see there is blue tractor on top of a waterfall that has matching water flowing down the rocks.  At times when there is a green tractor there the water is also green.  Not just green but fluorescent green.  It looks like it would glow in the dark.



I believe this next picture is to represent that they have so much mulch that it is overflowing fromtheir trucks.




Make sure you check out what others see on the way!

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Throwback Thursday*

During my venture into Salem County New Jersey this past weekend I came across this abandoned farm.  The grass was overgrown and the red house is a bit tattered, while the barn lacked any real color.

Often times when I see an abandoned house I wonder why the family left and what their life may have been like. At other times I imagine buying the property and restoring it to its past glory.



That little black dot on the roof of the house is a vulture.   It was huge.  I   managed to capture a quick picture of him before he slipped behind the barn.


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*Yes I know it is officially Friday morning here but it is still Thursday on the west coast.


About three years ago we took my nieces and nephew to a pumpkin farm in Mt.Laurel NJ.  After reviewing all the pictures of the pumpkins I feel that this picture turned out even better that the pumpkins did.

I hope you like it!


Brunch a la carte


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No Bull Here

While on a ride to Vineland NJ we passed a farm today.  On this particular farm there was this white and black cow that seemed to be the leader of the herd.  Wherever she went the black cows followed.


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