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My shadow also known as my grandson Arai, was helping me pull weeds in the flower bed today.  He wants to do what mom-mom is doing but his attention span needs to be a bit longer.  I did more calling him back to help me finish me then he actually worked.  He is a work in progress….




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Happy Easter!

I hope everyone has a GREAT day with family and friends.

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Change of the Color Guard


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Shadow Dancing



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Just a Bit of Attitude

I do not know why but I have a thing for bugs, insects and such.  My grandson Arai is aware of this so when every he sees a bug he calls me to take pictures of it.

Yesterday he saw a butterfly on my flowers and proceeded to tell me to come out “….Mom-mom come here there’s a white butterfly with a mole on it, hurry-up and be quite you don’t want to scare it…”.  He listens so well (when he wants to).



After this was taken he chose not to listen to his mother and was sent to “time-out”.  He was all attitude at that point.


But lucky for us, his attitudes do not last long.  Within 5 minutes we were back looking for more insects to photograph.

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The Roots

Here is another photo from the corn field that I captured yesterday.

I have never looked, or had a reason to look, at the roots of a stalk of corn.  It looks like it is doing a balancing act on the narrow tips of the outer root system.

DSC00236-Corn Stalk-Selective color

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Standing Out 9/30

Today I did not go out and take any pictures.  Traci and I planned to go to Wildwood NJ to see sand sculptures and taste some BBQ at the competition going on this weekend but the weather looked like rain all day.  Hopefully we can go tomorrow, the weather is looking better.

So I stayed home and watched a YouTube video by Terry White on the 10 things you need to know about Photoshop.  Some of the things were the same or very similar as Photoshop Elements so I am not as uneducated as I thought but it did show that I have sooooo much to learn.

I worked some more on selective color and adjusting the exposure  Here is todays project.

Selective Color 1


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Purple Haze 7/30

mystery 2


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PS I have a GIANT favor to ask.  My sister-in-law Traci has joined WP and is participating in the 30 Day Challenge with me and doing the Daily post challenges as well.  If you don’t mind please click here and pay her a visit.  Thanks!!!


Queen Anne’s Lace.  I have seen this a thousand times and never realized that it was red in the center.  It may only be on certain ones or I just never really looked not sure.



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A Sign of Nobility

Last night I was chatting with Jason C. aka Opinionated Man from Harsh Realty (if you don’t know Jason go check him out) about the my post Yes the Kitchen Door and he informed me that a red door is a symbol of nobility to some Chinese.

Of course I loved the ideal of nobility and took it one step further and made it royalty.  So I said that my place is Robin’s Kingdom but thought it needs a better name.

Here are some of my choices: Robin’s Kingdom, Robin’s Oasis, Forchion Estate (pronounced fortune), but they just don’t have any pizzazz.


red door1

The yellow is covered and the door is now all red. I am still debating on this shade of red. It may get changed to a completely different color. We shall see.


I know it does not look like much now but in the future it will be gorgeous! I have plans on putting shutters on the windows, larger plants in the flower beds, changing the walkways so that they all match, having a great lawn, one that you could just lay on it (might be pushing it a bit).  I have huge dreams for my house and I want the name to match my dreams.

I am thinking of having a contest to name my Kingdom.  Not sure of the particulars yet but if/when I come up with something you will be the first to know.


Suggestion box is now open!!

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