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Mid-day Feast


This juvenile bird, I believe it’s a Hawk but not too sure, was feasting on his lunch when I was visiting the Edwin B. Forsythe Wildlife Refuge the other day.  It watched him for a few minutes and he was fascinating to watch.

This image below is of another Hawk that was just resting.


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Wordless Wednesday in Black and White

The Elusive Cardinal

There are a few cardinals that come to the bird feeder from time to time for a quick feast.  It seems as if they know I want to photograph them since they fly away as soon as I pull out the camera.  It is very difficult to get a photo that is in focused.



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A Thief has been Captured

I have been filling up the bird feeder almost everyday.  I thought that Arai was playing with it and causing the seeds to spill out.  He kept saying that he did not do it, but I know that he plays in this tree.

I filled the feeder about an hour before this little thief was captured.  Arai called me to tell me that there is a squirrel and the he is eating he seeds.


The thief has been captured!

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Monochrome Monday

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Narrow legs on a narrow branch possibly reflection on the next catch of the day.


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Come and Get It – 5/30

This little birdie is ready for the 4th of July BBQ that my mother had.  He is patiently waiting for someone to drop something and then on the move he goes.  He has no fear of us.  If we did not know any better we would have thought he was invited to the BBQ.

Come and Get It

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Nestled Between 3/30


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Resting Place

Next to the marina there is a spot where the locals go to catch crabs.

In the middle of the bay there is an island that has what looks like over a hundred or more birds on it.

Photo quality is not the greatest(need to invest in a 300mm).




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My neighbor is a Turkey?

Since I moved into my home the house next door has been vacant.  Periodically someone would come around and cut the grass but I have yet to meet them.

While washing dishes tonight I noticed some movement on the side and back of the house.  Of course I had to inspect and see what is going on.

As I step outside with camera in hand I see them just tasting the grass and check out the house.  It looks like they were debating on whether it would be a good fit for their family.

Time will tell if they decide o take over the house.

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