WP Photo Challenge: Signs (2)

My second entry into this weeks WP Photo Challenge is one that many can appreciate……..


Finally under $3.00 a gallon here in NJ

Finally regular gas is under $3.00 a gallon here in NJ!


……..but how long will it last?!?!

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  1. Who knew we’d get so excited when gasoline dropped below $3. LOL When I first got my license, it was $.25 a gallon at Sunoco. I probably shouldn’t admit that, but I think of it frequently when it creeps up to $4.

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    • LOL yes it is a cause for excitement and I would be even more excited if I didn’t fill up at $3.10 the other day!

      If I remember correctly gas prices were slightly over a dollar when I started driving in 1983. $5 would go a long way in that tank. Now it cost me $52 to fill up so $5 is not even a quarter tank of gas.


  2. I haven’t seen this in many years. I bought some yesterday for $2.99. Think I’ll carry gas cans in my car!

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