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Spare Room

The front steps on my house need some repairs. My father and I planned on doing this sometime this summer.

Over the weekend I noticed that we apparently have a spare room that is housing several frogs.

I noticed that they like to sit in their entryway and watch our comings and goings. Even with little Arai and all his energy and curiosity they just sit and watch.


Now I am not sure how to fix the steps without shutting some of the frogs in, which I do not want to do.

I need a Plan B!

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The Best Example of…..



I have NEVER been this excited by myself.  I applaud Candace for making herself so jubilant with the birthday treat to herself.  It truly is the little things that bring the most joy.

Have you every been this happy by yourself?

Check Candace out on Facebook and show her some more love.


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video link from reddit

Original video made by Candace P. via Facebook





Parking lot flowers

These were taken today for this week’s Daily Post Challenge: Jubilant . I am happy or should i say jubilant because the sun has been out for 2 days, it’s sunny, and last day of the work week!

Once again I don’t know what type of blooms threes are.  They are on a tree.  Can anyone assist?



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Hope you all have a Jubilant weekend!

On Top

on top

And even though it’s hard
and I may struggle through it all.
You see me struggle…
you will NEVER see me fall.

by Joyce Alcantra

If you look closely you can see a little green bug on top of the post.

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Tangled Web

I wonder if the spider (it was a Wolf Spider) that I found in my basement came from this tangled web.  Everything, except for this hole in the container, was covered. It is big enough for that monster spider to reside.


Of course I was not going to mess with it to find out what was actually in there.


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For this weeks Daily Post Challenge: Faces, I decided to share a picture of Arai with his great-grandfather (my dad) enjoying a quiet moment, a short video of playtime with Pop-pop and of course I had to also add a few funny faces.


Quality Time

I can not tell who had the most fun.

Here are a few funny faces of Arai.

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Garden Visitors

It seems that some of the caterpillars are loving my new flowerbeds. I hope these are the ones that turn into butterflies.

Do all caterpillars turn into butterflies?

garden visitiors1

garden visitiors2


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Tattered Pom-poms


tattered pompoms1

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A perfect evening…

While visiting my mother yesterday I snapped this picture of this setting.  A dogwood bloom and a hammock.

It would have been perfect if the hammock was not in the neighbor’s yard but in my mother’s yard.  Then I could just chill out with a good book surround by blooming flowers and calming sounds.

dogwood bloom

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Arms Wide

monochrome 2

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