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I have been going to Strawbridge Lake on my lunch break all week waiting for these flowers to bloom.  I know that since the weekend is here and I am not in that area they will surely bloom.

After loading the images from yesterday’s visit I notice that a dragonfly photobombed it.


If you enlarge the below photo you can see the little critters that must also be on their lunch break feasting away.


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Open the door mom! 25/30

Another late night visitor.

Arai’s mommy works 2nd shift, so she generally uses her key and comes on in. But last night she rings the doorbell. Why? When I open the door she tells me that there is a green thing and a brown thing by the door.  So I instantly think she is telling me so I can get a picture.  So I run back in the house and get my camera.

When I come. back she is trying to fuss (you cannot truly fuss with your mom) that she wanted me to get the bugs out-of-the-way not take any pictures.  Lol what can I say…

I did not clear the way after I took the pictures, she had no choice but to go pass this tiny creature.


I like looking at animals and insects and seeing how they are created to blend in with their surroundings.  This creatures body resembles a leaf.


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A Bug Magnetic?

I am not sure what is going but for some reason I am attracting all sorts of bugs.

Last night while sitting in my computer room all of a sudden there is this flying thing fluttering on my wall.  I snapped a few pictures (yes the camera is always ready) before I trapped it and attempted to set it free outside.

When I tossed it outside it looked like it came back in and landed on my pants.  But I did not see anything so I thought nothing of it.

After about 10 minutes I feel a tickle on my arm so I rub my arm and it is the flying bug!

Needless to say I let out a little scream.

I managed to catch it again and this time I made sure it was outside.

Does anyone know what this is?

Entered into this week’s WP Challenge Curve for the wings and body.

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On Top

on top

And even though it’s hard
and I may struggle through it all.
You see me struggle…
you will NEVER see me fall.

by Joyce Alcantra

If you look closely you can see a little green bug on top of the post.

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Late Night Visitor

Last night I was doing laundry. After I took the clothes from the dryer I turned to get the clothes from the washer and the I saw IT.

OMG I do not ever recall seeing a spider so big. I did not know what to do first. Kill it or take its picture.

Needless to say I had to run and get the camera first while praying that it did not move.  If it wasn’t there when I came back I would have had a heart attack.

Thank goodness it was still there.


What the @$#&!!

What would you have done?

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It’s an invasion!




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Center Focused

Here is a close-up of one of the flowers in my Balcony Oasis.

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When you see this images you know that spring has sprung,  and summer and butterflies are just around the corner.

This is my entry for this week’s WP Challenge: Envelope.



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Just a Bud

This bud caught my eye because it was redder than the rest so I started snapping away.

Not till I got home and began reviewing the images did I realize that the redness was actually red ants.

Click here to find out  some very interesting facts about ants.



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Mid Flight

My mother has this huge wisteria bush that vines all the way down her fence.  Last night it was full of bees that appeared to be in a feeding frenzy.

The smell of the wisteria was so powerful that it fill most of the back yard.  I wisht that the scent would last all summer long.


Mid Flight

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