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Last night I was doing laundry. After I took the clothes from the dryer I turned to get the clothes from the washer and the I saw IT.

OMG I do not ever recall seeing a spider so big. I did not know what to do first. Kill it or take its picture.

Needless to say I had to run and get the camera first while praying that it did not move.  If it wasn’t there when I came back I would have had a heart attack.

Thank goodness it was still there.


What the @$#&!!

What would you have done?

Thanks for visiting!



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  1. Yuck! Yuck! Spiders are my kryptonite.

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  2. Healing through Photography

    That’s huge! If I were in your place I would have lost all my cool… :/
    I admire your courage.

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  3. Uggh. I would have called my wife… she’s the spider killer, I take care of the earwigs. Yes, I’m a spider wimp.

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  4. We have his partner hanging out in our bathroom at the moment. We’re now regretting not “relocating” it when we first saw it as it seems to double in size each day!😳

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  5. It looks huge. About how big was it?


  6. just kill it, only good spider is a dead spider, they creep me out

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  7. Photograph it and then try to get it and release it back to the wild. Spiders are good – they eat the flying bugs buzzing around!! Spiders deserve to live – just didn’t get bitten by one!

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  8. I simply yell for my husband who sometimes drums up enough courage to put a jar over it, trap it with a piece of card and then relocate it in to the woods. Sometimes if it looks like it’s a runner of the Usain Bolt variety it gets whacked with a slipper. I have a complete phobia of them. The most cowardly way to get them of course is to creep up with the vacuum cleaner nozzle. That’s kept for life -death situations – as in me having a possible heart attack!

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    • The vacuum is a great tool/weapon. Years ago there was a spider walking along the floor at the edge of an area rug. I dropped a book on the spider but because of the rug I did not smash it and it had a million babies spiders on it. They went everywhere! I think I did have a heartache. I started screaming for the kids to get the vacum. After much vacum I think we go 90%of them.

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  9. The same kind of wolf spider visited me as I husked corn on our front porch! I don’t mind spiders at all! They are nice, little creatures! 🙂

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    • Outside I can deal with them. I will just move since I am in their domain but when they enter my world all I can think about is then crawling on me in my sleep. And it becomes them or me.

      Thanks for providing the name of this monster spider.


  10. Spiders we let live. They compete with the scorpions. So I’d rather have spiders than scorpions. Got stung by a tiny little scorpion a few weeks ago… 😦
    After years in Africa, this was the first time a scorpion stung me. Darn…

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    • This was a monster spider I don’t think anyone would want this to live in their house. If it wad outside I would leave it alone. I understand spiders vs scorpions but luckily I don’t have to chose. When I was in Arizona scorpions were a concern. How did that happen? Glad you ates ok.

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      • Thank you. We’ve had scorpions in the house since we moved in. Small and large. All we can do is fumigate once a month and be careful. This little one was in my bath robe, and stung me as I steeped out of the shower… (You lived in Arizona? How exciting)


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