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Prima Ballerina

Recently I have not taken many picture but I am trying to get back into the swing of things.  I bought these flowers a while ago and can not remember their name (nothing new for me). I like how the buds hang low and then when it blooms the petals go up with a little swirl to them.

Prima Ballerina

Prima Ballerina

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Under the Spotlight

Ornament from my flowerbed. A happy frog.

Under the spotlight

Under the spotlight

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Cherry Pie

The weather is getting nicer here in New Jersey so I began working on my flowerbeds at the front of the house.  I planted some double bloom Lilies, Azelas, Gerber Daisies, Pansies, and Hostas.  I still need a few more things to make it just right for me.

After the rain yesterday I took some pictures of my newly planted flowers.  The rain on this Gerber Daisy makes the center look like cherry pie.  What do you think?

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie


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Traffic lights

This week’s WP Challenge is abstractHere is my interpretation of abstract traffic lights. I turned the wipers off as I was sitting at a traffic light during last night’s storm.



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7 Days of Nature Challenge (7/7)

I started the 7 Days of Nature Challenge about 2 weeks ago and life got in the way of me completing within the 7 day timeframe.  I still wanted to finish challenge.



These dandelions are all over my yard.  Although they are annoying and make ones yard look unkept I still like them.

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I am about to start fixing the yard now that the weather is nice.  Went to Pope’s Garden for some flowers and spotted this cute little pig.




Here I come….

Although I did not find any flowers this little guy made up for it.

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Rembering Turtle

This has been a hard week. On April 12th about 4:30am I received one of those calls that we all hope to never receive.

My daughter called me hysterical telling me that my 8 month old nephew died in a freak accident. I am still so numb and don’t really know how to process this.

I went to the hospital and met my daughter and niece still clutching her son and could not believe what I was seeing. Our Turtle was gone.

If he was sick or something like that it would have somewhat prepared us for this and I/we may be able to accept it a tiny bit better.

There are no words that I can say to my niece that would help ease any of her pain. She knows that we are all there for her and her older son when ever they may need us regardless.

Turtle was such a sweet baby until mealtime.  This is when you got to see the other side of this litte cutie.  If you were feeding him and taking way to long for the next spoonful he would growl at you and would even ball up his little fist until he saw that spoon coming in his direction.  Just to hear him growl would make us linger with the spoon slightly longer then needed just to hear it again….it was so cute.

I am posting this as a way of expressing and releasing some of my feelings.  I may not respond to comments but do know that if any are left they will be read and very appreciated.


(I will be responding to all the previous comments very soon.)





7 Days of Nature Challenge (6/7)

Mother Nature has thrown a tantrum

The calendar says that spring arrived on March 20 which was twenty days ago.  Now Mother Nature must not like us telling her when to start Spring so she had to let us know that she was was not finished with winter yet.  She blanketed part of the north-east United Sates with varying degrees of snow.

Here in NJ we got a bit more than a dusting but not too bad compared to what some got out in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Here are some pictures from my part of the world.

Snow Tracker

When will Spring actually arrive?

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7 Days of Nature Challenge (5/7)

By Any Means

This picture was taken about a year ago at a local fishing dock.  It looks like this tree did everything it could to emerge thru the crack.  The leaves are all tattered but it survived.

This is how we should live.  Do what we need to do to achieve out goals.  Don’t get discouraged at the first or second obstacle that gets in our way.  We need to keep pushing towards the goal that we sent.

By Any Means


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7 Days of Nature Challenge (4/7)

One of the things I thought might happen (but hoped would not) when I accepted the 7 Day Nature Challenge has happened….I forgot to post for 2 days.

So today I will make up for my missing post.



50 Reflections

While viewing pictures on IG I came across an image that rcmannjr completed and just knew that I had to try it.  Here is my version. Although it is not as “clean” as his I think it is a good first try.

This is not the first thing that you think of when thinking of nature but as we all know flowers are part of nature.

No nomination now will add a couple with my last Nature Challenge post later today.

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