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My New Home Oasis

Yesterday well before the giant spider incident, I was working on my flowerbed on the side of the house. I went to pick up a flowerpot and there was a snail just sitting there. So I started checking the other pots and I found three more.

Where do the come from? This country living is showing me some new things.  I have of course seen snails before but never with a shell on in my yard.

Made me wonder how the shell is formed. So I searched around the internet and found that it is because of the calcium that they need to survive.  Part of the shell also contains a piece of the shell that they were born with.


My post for tomorrow I will show you what else I found in my flowerbed.

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Late Night Visitor

Last night I was doing laundry. After I took the clothes from the dryer I turned to get the clothes from the washer and the I saw IT.

OMG I do not ever recall seeing a spider so big. I did not know what to do first. Kill it or take its picture.

Needless to say I had to run and get the camera first while praying that it did not move.  If it wasn’t there when I came back I would have had a heart attack.

Thank goodness it was still there.


What the @$#&!!

What would you have done?

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