Parking lot flowers

These were taken today for this week’s Daily Post Challenge: Jubilant . I am happy or should i say jubilant because the sun has been out for 2 days, it’s sunny, and last day of the work week!

Once again I don’t know what type of blooms threes are.  They are on a tree.  Can anyone assist?



Thanks for visiting!

Hope you all have a Jubilant weekend!


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  1. Great post for Jubilant. Such a feel good factor in these pictures. You have good weekend too,😊

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  2. I had a giggle when you mentioned having had 2 days of sun. Here in Brisbane it hasn’t rained in over 3 months, so sun is here every day. Those flowers kind of remind me of magnolias. They sure are beautiful. Cheers!

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  3. Those do look like magnolia blooms. I LOVE magnolia blooms! Do they have a really heavy fragrance? They bruise easily – sort of like gardenias and don’t last long enough. Very nice photos.

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  4. Robin, sunshine is indeed a cause for rejoicing unless, as mentioned, there’s a dearth of moisture. We were coming back from Philadelphia last weekend and saw a bit of the snow, although there wasn’t enough to stick. Still a bit of a shock in mid-May!


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  5. Cool. I think they were Magnolia blooming, but I guess somebody already mentioned above (or below, wherever this reply appears). The leaves are Magnolia leaves, from what I can see. Nice.

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  6. That looks like magnolia. Will clark Gable appear from behind the tree? 😉

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  7. Simply gorgeous!


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