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I bought a Slip-n-Slide Saturday and once my grandson saw it, that is all he kept asking for.  But I kept telling he had to wait for the BBQ to get wet with the other kids.

On Monday the weather was not the greatest. We had threats of rain all day due to the storm named Bonnie. Luckily for the BBQ and Arai the storm held off and he was able to do some slipping and sliding.

I love how small things make him so happy!




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(Picture not the greatest)

The Best Example of…..



I have NEVER been this excited by myself.  I applaud Candace for making herself so jubilant with the birthday treat to herself.  It truly is the little things that bring the most joy.

Have you every been this happy by yourself?

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video link from reddit

Original video made by Candace P. via Facebook





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