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WP Photo Challenge: Change

While at Liberty Park I too a few pictures of the buildings in New York.  I did some editing/changing and would like you to tell me which you prefer.  Forgive the little spots on the images at  some point very soon I need to get the camera cleaned.

Here is the original photo and 2 additional pictures that show my edits:



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Let me know which you prefer!


Side Street Sunday: Liberty Park – Statue of Liberty

The Lady herself the Statue of Liberty.

It was a beautiful scene watching the ships pass by the statue as we cruised along the ferry to meet the impressive Lady of Justice.


Statue of Liberty

Due to the time of day we had a choice to go to Ellis Island or go to Liberty Island, we chose Liberty Island.

Added to the WP Photo Challenge: Change as people came from all over the world to Ellis Island to make a change in their lives.

We are planning on going back soon to tour Ellis Island.

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Side Street Sunday: Liberty Park

It has been a while since I made a Side Street Sunday post.

My sister-in-law Traci and cousin Misty joined in on my venture today.  First we went to the Lamp Post Diner and had a very good breakfast.

Here is what I had to eat:



After breakfast we headed up the New Jersey Turnpike to Liberty Park.  I have lived in New Jersey for 46 of my almost 50 years and never went to see the Lady of Liberty and Justice (Statue of Liberty).  I felt that it was long over due.

After arriving at the park we purchased the ferry tickets for $18.  Immediately after the ticket window there is this structure that is a photographers dream.  The CRRNJ Terminal (Central Railroad of New Jersey).  I wish we were allowed in, as I could have stayed there for some time just photographing the structure and with all of its shadows and light.

So much history and lives passed through this terminal.

The terminal has been closed since 2012 after hurricane Sandy hit the east coast.

Click for some more information CRRNJ

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(Lady Liberty Pictures coming soon!)



Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

Day 2 of the Expert Photography Challenge






Photos take at Liberty Park in New Jersey. More pictures from Liberty Park coming really soon.

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Some Ideas – Self Portrait

The Daily post gives us great ideas and challenges for photography and posting in general.  If you are looking for some additional challenges I found this on my Facebook feed, Expert Photography.

They listed a 30 day photography challenge along with other great (free) information on photography.  It does look like the goal is to sell eBooks for more in-depth information but that is OK.

Some of the challenges have already been done by the Daily Post.  I say just substitute it for something that you have been wanting to try.

I know I will not be able to do this every day so I am striving for at least 3 days a week.

First Challenge: Self Portrait

Just me!

Just me!


I am one of those people who love to take pictures of others but hate to have my picture taken.  This was taken March or April 2014 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The next challenge is “Rule of Thirds”


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WP Photo Challenge: Change

I have a few ideas of things that I will hopefully post for this weeks WP “Change” Challenge.

The first post is being pregnant to becoming a mother.  A womans body and mind goes thru so many major changes to bring new life into this world.


My niece Chanel and her son Georgie.  Little Georgie is about 7 days old in this picture.


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Make sure you check out the other Changes that are going on out there in the world.

And the fire was lit

Last night’s sunset was beautiful.  It looked as if it was on fire.

I drove around until I could find an unobstructed view of the sky. I finally had to just stop or I was going to miss it.

Have you seen the movie “Backdraft”? In the movie it showed how the fire was rolling on the ceiling.  This was my first thought when I saw this sky.

What are your thoughts?


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WP Photo Challenge: (Behind the) Grid 3

Here are some photos that I normal would not post due to the fencing not getting blurred out.

Thanks to this week’s photo challenge they are able to be shared with the world.

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Shadow Dancing

Yesterday I was at my nephews 12th birthday party.  In the mist of all the chaos that comes from being around kids ranging in age from 2 to 13 I needed to escape for a few moments.

In moments like this I tune them out and drift away for a bit of peace.

I found myself watching how the sunlight created shadows on the leaves.  I enjoyed watching how the light and shadow seemed to chase each other as the breeze blew gently on them.


Shadow Dancing

Shadow Dancing

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WP Photo Challenge: Grid (2)

Mu 2nd entry for this weeks WP Photo Challenge: Grid.

A day in Atlantic City New Jersey back in April with my grandson Arai.  He wanted to walk ahead of us.  He is so independent.  Wants to do most things for hisself

beach day

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