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WP Photo Challenge: Careful

Today I did not feel like eating leftovers for lunch so on my break I went to WaWa to get a cup of creamy potato soup with a buttered roll.  This is so good.

On the short ride to WaWa I past a small stream.  For the past 5 years I have been passing this stream that has an old wooden bridge.  Each time I pass it I say to myself that I need to pull over and takes some pictures.  Well today was finally that day. On the way back I carefully pulled off to the shoulder of the road and took a few quick pictures.

The colors were perfect!


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(This is a broad interpretation for his weeks challenge)

Work Oasis

Yesterday’s view from my Work Oasis. I love sitting here just watching and observing. There were come ducks here just waddling around (pictures were blurry).

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 I did it post number 500!!!!

Wordless Wednesday



I think he liked me…LOL

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Say Cheeeesssseee

While I was visiting Winnie at the Ranch I notice this horse (no name again) coming up to the fence.  So I ventured over to him and he just started “talking”.  He made me feel more at ease.  Although I like horses their size makes me a bit apprehensive.  I think I masked it pretty good as I did not want them to feel any negative energy from me.



This short video is of another horse in this same pen.  I think after he saw how the horse above was interacting with me he decided to join in.


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Iron Ranch Stables

I have passed this horse ranch many times. Today I finally decided to stop in and see if I can take some pictures of these magnificent creatures.

A young woman that keeps her horse,Wilbur, on the ranch gave me permission to take some pictures.  Unfortunately I neglected to get her name.

She stated that Wilbur (brown horse) was a former race horse and he is about 3 years old. The white horse is about 18-20 years old.


This next horse Winnie belongs to the owner of the ranch.


All of the horses that I met today were very friendly and came right to the fence as I approached.

Come back tomorrow to see more pictures of the horses at Iron Ranch Stables.


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Lasting Beauty

These roses have been around for a while,  long after the beauty has lasted.

It is now time for them to go in the trash.  This is one reason I prefer plants to cut flowers.  I hate throwing them away.


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Side Street Sunday

Taking my Side Street Sunday drive I came across Rowand Pond in Clementon New Jersey.  I have driven past this road many times but never ventured to see what was there.  I am glad I decided to take a minor detour.  Although the first picture makes te pond look big it is actually kinda small.

Hope you like it!




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After they leave

Clementon Park is located in Clementon, New Jersey and has been around since 1907. It is not big like the Six Flags amusement parks but it is great for the local community.

There is a different feel to the park when there are no children running around and having the time of their lives.


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I believe that butterflies are extraordinary creatures.  They begin their life as a caterpillar, once they reach a certain weight and length they enclose themselves in a Pupa or Chrysalis.  Depending on the breed they can be in the pupa for a few days or as long as a winter season.

But when they finally emerge, it is the image of beauty and grace.


Ordinary or Extraordinary?

Perhaps the butterfly is proof

that you can go through a great deal of

darkness and yet come out…..


by Unknown

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After the Love

I love flowers.  Most weeks I treat myself to a bouquet or two of assorted flowers.  This last week I brought a beautiful bouquet of roses with the intention of taking some pictures.  Well life got in the way and that never happened.

They have since dried out and need to be discarded but I still wanted to take a picture of them.


after the love 1

After the Love 1


after the love 2

After the Love 2

When Love Dies

When love dies,
It ceases to exist.
And the flame that used to be,
Ceases to persist

It feels like a wound that won’t stop bleeding,
Like it’s your last breath you’re about to take,
And it feels like your soul’s watching,
And all you can do is pray you wake.

When love dies,
It’s like everything slows down to a stop
The tears that came rolling down your cheeks
Are taking ages to drop

To the cold tiled floor
I fell onto my knees,
It felt as if the light followed her shadow,
As she slammed closed the door…

Love died,
I know this because my soul died too.
And it was hurting as much
As all the pain I put her through.

When love died
I ceased to exist
The only thing that kept us together…
Ceased to persist.

by Billy Arends

Which do you prefer 1 or 2 or neither?


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