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WP Photo Challenge: Grid (2)

Mu 2nd entry for this weeks WP Photo Challenge: Grid.

A day in Atlantic City New Jersey back in April with my grandson Arai.  He wanted to walk ahead of us.  He is so independent.  Wants to do most things for hisself

beach day

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An Afternoon Out

Went down to the Atlantic City today.  I had a need to see and hear the water.  My daughter, grandson and niece accompanied me on my journey.  We all enjoyed ourselves very much.


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MY First!!

As I look thru fellow bloggers photos I see the changes that they have made to some of their photos and  I always say “I want to do that”. Most of them say that they are self-taught and use You Tube as their classroom.  I was impressed with Mike’s pics at BrooklynbyStander the other day and decided that it is time to try.

Although it is a simple change I did it.  I completed for my first sky change.  I am excited!!! I still have tons to learn but the hardest thing was to take the first step and just try.

I learned something new and it was not difficult at all.

Let me know your thoughts.

New Sky

New Sky


Original Photo

Clip Art

Clip Art

Resources: You Tube  – 42technoman

Hurricane Sandy

Destroyed Pier

Destroyed Pier


Destruction from Hurricane Sandy.

I am amazed to see that the pier still had not been repaired after almost 3 yeas since Hurricane Sandy hit the Jersey shore.


Pier Columns-Atlantic City NJ-Inlet


At the inlet in Atlantic City NJ.

Any suggestions on how to make this image better by using PhotoShop 12?

Johnathan Livingston Seagull

Johnathan Livingston Seagull

Johnathan Livingston Seagull. Who remembers this movie from the early 70’s? My mother and I took a photo trip to Atlantic City today and seagulls are in no short supply. Every time I see seagulls this name, Johnathan Livingston Seagull, pops into my head. I was about 8 when the movie came out and I try to remember the move but fail each time. One of these days I plan to watching it again.

Johnathan Livington Seagull2



Johnathan Livington Seagull3When you see 1 seagull you know here are more.


Photo Excursion – Con’t

On our recent trip to Cape May a few weeks ago to try to see the butterfly migration we made a little side trip to the beach.  Once we got there my niece Caila wanted go swimming, had to tell her no swimming in October. But how can you go to the beach without at least getting your feet.  So I let her put her feet in the ocean and then I had a great idea, just to take pictures of her feet.

It was different because then you did not have to worry trying to get her to have a “natural” or “happy” expression on her face.


Childhood innocence.  This day brought back memories of when I was a child and my mother would take us to Atlantic City and walk the boardwalk. This was before the casinos came to town…LOL

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