Side Street Sunday: Liberty Park

It has been a while since I made a Side Street Sunday post.

My sister-in-law Traci and cousin Misty joined in on my venture today.  First we went to the Lamp Post Diner and had a very good breakfast.

Here is what I had to eat:



After breakfast we headed up the New Jersey Turnpike to Liberty Park.  I have lived in New Jersey for 46 of my almost 50 years and never went to see the Lady of Liberty and Justice (Statue of Liberty).  I felt that it was long over due.

After arriving at the park we purchased the ferry tickets for $18.  Immediately after the ticket window there is this structure that is a photographers dream.  The CRRNJ Terminal (Central Railroad of New Jersey).  I wish we were allowed in, as I could have stayed there for some time just photographing the structure and with all of its shadows and light.

So much history and lives passed through this terminal.

The terminal has been closed since 2012 after hurricane Sandy hit the east coast.

Click for some more information CRRNJ

Thanks for visiting!

All comments welcome.

(Lady Liberty Pictures coming soon!)




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  1. Always interesting to look at who walk here last and the history of a spot.

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  2. What a wonderful building – I hope that they plan to re-open / reuse it. There must be a host of photo opportunities inside. It could make a good museum!

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  3. Great photos and yes, it is a photographers dream. I took pics there back in 2008 and it was eerily beautiful.

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  4. Breakfast looked nice. No grits?

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