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A Change is Coming

Fall is fast approaching. Here in the US fall officially starts on September 23.

Some of the leaves have started to change already.

I do LOVE the color changes with the leaves that the fall season brings, but I don’t like that it represents winter is not to far away.

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After the Storm

Worrying does not take away

tomorrow’s troubles,

It takes away today’s peace.

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Wordless Wednesday……Exposed


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Unit 1 – Aperture

As some of you know I started a photography course with NYIP in December.  I have completed Unit 1 with a B on the final test.  I now have to complete the 2 assignments.  The first one is aperture.  I must depict 2 images, one with a shallow depth of field and one with a great depth of field.  The 2 images below are for shallow depth of field but I am debating on which image to submit.

These images are straight out of the camera.

So I ask you for your assistance, which you think I should submit?  Or do you think I should try again?



When I edit the image it will be cropped and straightened only.



When I edit the image it will be cropped and straightened only.


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Hanging Around


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WP Photo Challenge: Trio

When I took this picture almost two weeks ago, I did not really like the way it came out.  To me it looked “setup”  which it was.  But I did not like that.  So I never posted the image.

As we all know things happen for a reason.  This image is perfect for this weeks WP Photo Challenge: Trio.  I cropped the image and did some editing in Snapseed and think it looks better and now worthy of being posted.

Trio of Leaves

Trio of Leaves

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Eye Level




Taken at my work oasis about 2 weeks ago.

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WP Photo Challenge: Victory

This week the challenge is to celebrate a Victory.

This photos show the Victory of autumn over summer.

autumn colors 26

Fall taking over


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Autumn Colors

autumn colors 14


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