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The Daily post gives us great ideas and challenges for photography and posting in general.  If you are looking for some additional challenges I found this on my Facebook feed, Expert Photography.

They listed a 30 day photography challenge along with other great (free) information on photography.  It does look like the goal is to sell eBooks for more in-depth information but that is OK.

Some of the challenges have already been done by the Daily Post.  I say just substitute it for something that you have been wanting to try.

I know I will not be able to do this every day so I am striving for at least 3 days a week.

First Challenge: Self Portrait

Just me!

Just me!


I am one of those people who love to take pictures of others but hate to have my picture taken.  This was taken March or April 2014 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The next challenge is “Rule of Thirds”


Thanks for visiting!

All comments and suggestions welcome.





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  1. Hi Robin,
    Well done for you trying something new! It becomes really easy in life ( and in Phtography) to just stay in the comfort zone.

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  2. Cool! I’m just finishing up a 30day challenge on Instagram. I’ll make a post about it too I think!

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  3. Nice shot. Red-tipped fingernails.
    Camera looks good. YNOS? ‘That a new brand?

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    • Thanks. Love my red fingernail yes YNOS. Best brand ever (I might get a few kick backs for that)

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      • I still have an Asahi Pentax 35mm tucked away somewhere.

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        • I need to to find a film camera. Might be taking a photography class in January.

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          • Oh. You don’t have one? That’s right. I remember you’re a “baby”. It is quite an experience. My first camera was a “Brownie”. Around 1962. Had to hide in a closet to put the film in. No cartridge. Lousy camera! But I still have very blurry shots of it. I’m sure you can find an old film camera easily and cheap at a flea market?

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            • Lol baby. I have been searching for one in some thrift far no luck but I still have some time. Look where technology has brought us to. ..from changing film in a closet to no film and instant pictures.

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              • Yes it has. And much to my comfort, the camera has turned into a flat phone I can carry in my back pocket. Back in the days, a very good College friend of mine had a small Rollei 35 s for traveling. Fit in your palm. Of course, focal was limited, aperture and so forth, but you carry it in your pocket. Check it out. (And have a lovely week. Sweet lunch breaks by the pond/lake whatever…)

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