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Wordless Wednesday in Black and White


Monochrome Monday

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Monochrome Monday: Droplets

Slight twist on some tulips.

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Monochome Monday: Fighting Cocks

fighting cocks


Yesterday marked 5 years of blogging.  I did not really get into this blogging thing until about April 2015. My year has been great! I have interacted with many of you and even sent and received post cards.

Thank you for all of the likes, comments, interaction, and most importantly thank you for accepting me into this community.


That Blah Feeling of Winter

feeling of blah


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A Witches Mop

My first thought when I edited this pictures was the mop from the Mickey Mouse movie “Fantasia”.  I first watched this movie back in the 1970’s

After I watched the trailer I realized that my memory was a bit off in the way I remembered how the mop looked.  Although it is not the same as Mickey’s magical mop  I see a mop, maybe it is a witches mop.

Do you see it or am I still a bit confused.

Witches Mop

Witches Mop

Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Fantasia

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WP Photo Challenge: Change

While at Liberty Park I too a few pictures of the buildings in New York.  I did some editing/changing and would like you to tell me which you prefer.  Forgive the little spots on the images at  some point very soon I need to get the camera cleaned.

Here is the original photo and 2 additional pictures that show my edits:



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Let me know which you prefer!


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