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Water Fountain

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A Meeting At the Watering Hole

At my mother’s house she has a bird bath and everyday the bird bath is full of bees.

There is nothing pedestrian about this scene.  The bees move in such an excited frenzy.


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What’s Fun For You…..

…….is not always fun for someone else.

Last weekend my niece Crystal and her son, Cameron, came over to swim with Arai. While trying to coax Cameron to get in his mother decided to have some fun.

However Cameron did not see anything fun about this.



Mere seconds after this photo was snapped little Cameron screamed so loud…he saw nothing funny.


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Float On 2/30

For my 2 post on in my 30 Day Challenge my sister-in-law Traci, my daughter Erica and I took a drive to nowhere.  We just got in the car and ventured to the unknown.  We ended up at Hasse Marina.

This was fun.  We saw people crabbing and a slew of birds.  I have not done that since my last post in Side Street Sunday post back in December.  I think it is time to start this again tomorrow.  Side Street Sunday will be back!

While at the Marina I saw a single feather floating on the water.  My first thought was a song from back in the late 70’s called Float On by the Floaters.  I LOVED this song.

Float On

Float On




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“Z”is for Zipping Around

The lake at my work place oasis has frozen over.  The pattern in which the water froze looks like an ice skater came zipping by and formed the letter Z.

My second entry for this week’s WP Photo Challenge: Alphabet.



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That Blah Feeling of Winter

feeling of blah


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autumn colors 25


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WP Photo Challenge: Careful

Today I did not feel like eating leftovers for lunch so on my break I went to WaWa to get a cup of creamy potato soup with a buttered roll.  This is so good.

On the short ride to WaWa I past a small stream.  For the past 5 years I have been passing this stream that has an old wooden bridge.  Each time I pass it I say to myself that I need to pull over and takes some pictures.  Well today was finally that day. On the way back I carefully pulled off to the shoulder of the road and took a few quick pictures.

The colors were perfect!


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(This is a broad interpretation for his weeks challenge)

Side Street Sunday

Taking my Side Street Sunday drive I came across Rowand Pond in Clementon New Jersey.  I have driven past this road many times but never ventured to see what was there.  I am glad I decided to take a minor detour.  Although the first picture makes te pond look big it is actually kinda small.

Hope you like it!




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