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Feeling Crabby Part 2

Arai and I edited some of the video I took of the crabs on the beach here in Outer Bank NC.  Video is a minute long.


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Feeling a Little Crabby

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In Plain Sight

Have you ever gone to the beach early in the morning and see all the holes in the sand?

All those holes are from crabs.  They are very fast and hard to photograph.   Their shells blend in with the sand.

In Plain Sight 1

In Plain Sight 1

In Plain Sight 2

In Plain Sight 2

Do you see the crab in the second picture?

Although these crabs are not “creepy” I am posting for this week’s WP Challenge.

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(Updated to add to this weeks WP Photo Challenge: Monochromatic)

Sand Crabs



Sand Crab




Cleaning the sand out of his house

Kill Devil Hills, NC

Where is the sun?? Going to the beach for vacation you expect to have sun darn near every day.  But while on vacation in Kill Devil Hills my vacation week was anything but sunny.  Quite to the contrary it was rainy or had the treat of rain any minute almost every day.

In the mornings I would take a stroll on the beach with my father and his 2 dogs, Bojangles & Ebony. Saturday (last day of the trip) was the first day that we were able to get a pretty good view of the morning rise.


Finally the sun rise.

I was also able to catch some crabs cleaning the sand out of their tunnels.



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