In Plain Sight

Have you ever gone to the beach early in the morning and see all the holes in the sand?

All those holes are from crabs.  They are very fast and hard to photograph.   Their shells blend in with the sand.

In Plain Sight 1

In Plain Sight 1

In Plain Sight 2

In Plain Sight 2

Do you see the crab in the second picture?

Although these crabs are not “creepy” I am posting for this week’s WP Challenge.

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(Updated to add to this weeks WP Photo Challenge: Monochromatic)

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  1. I think I see some eyeballs sticking out of the sand to the right. At Charleston, South Carolina, the fiddler crabs bob in and out of the holes in unison – hundreds of them at a time – it is hilarious to watch!

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  2. It was really a challenge finding the crab in the last photo. They are so cute hiding in the sand. Great shots! Where I live we don’t have crabs at the coastline.

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  3. Yes, I always wondered…now I know. Nice photos.

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  4. funny ; they hide well! 😎

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  5. As kids on the beach we tried to catch them using our sand castle shovels by shoveling way under. Never caught one!

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