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Up for a Game of H.O.R.S.E.?

Figured that I would step away from all the vacation pictures for now and capture something different.

My employer provides a lot of extra things for its employees to use to unwind after a mentally stressful day.  We have access to pool tables, foosball, gym, walking trails, tennis and basketball courts.  At any given time you can usually find people busy doing something to take their mind off the stress of the day.

For the past few days I have driven past the basketball courts and saw 2 balls that have been left.  Today I decided to pull out the cell phone and capture a few shots.

This brought back memories of being a child playing HORSE with my brothers and the other boys on the street.  I was pretty good!  I felt like I was the only girl on the street since the other 2 girls were much older and rarely played or even came outside.  So if I wanted to play I had to play with the boys.  I was am a true Tomboy.

What was one of your favorite games to play as a child?




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