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Visitors at the Balcony Oasis

As some of you may now I created a Balcony Oasis for relaxation and to hopefully attract some butterflies to photograph.  Well it has been over 2 months and to my knowledge no butterflies have been around.

I thought since summer is almost over that I was not going to see a butterfly so I kinda gave up hope and just focused on my flowers.  To my surprise while taking some pictures of the new blooms I noticed this butterfly/moth came to dine on my fading Petunia.  If you look really close you can even see its “tongue” lapping up some deliciousness.

It looks a little too hairy to be a butterfly so I think it is actually a moth but as usual I do not know what it is and it really does not matter.  But if you know please share.

~~ Butterfly or Moth ~~


~~ Cricket ~~

While sitting my big behind on the floor to capture some pictures that I may use for this weeks photo challenge this little cricket decided to take a break on my foot.  I have never seen one with a yellow stripe and when I did an image search on google nothing came up.


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