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Love is like a Butterfly – Quote of the Day

“Love is like a butterfly: It goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes.” ~Author Unknown

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70° and Counting

Today and tomorrow the weather folks think that we will have record-breaking temperatures for December.  Today it reached 70 and tomorrow it is expected to reach 72.

I am celebrating this warm weather by sharing some pictures from this past summer.

I know I should not celebrate all this potential record-breaking weather this winter because at some point we will pay the price.




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I believe that butterflies are extraordinary creatures.  They begin their life as a caterpillar, once they reach a certain weight and length they enclose themselves in a Pupa or Chrysalis.  Depending on the breed they can be in the pupa for a few days or as long as a winter season.

But when they finally emerge, it is the image of beauty and grace.


Ordinary or Extraordinary?

Perhaps the butterfly is proof

that you can go through a great deal of

darkness and yet come out…..


by Unknown

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Visitors at the Balcony Oasis

As some of you may now I created a Balcony Oasis for relaxation and to hopefully attract some butterflies to photograph.  Well it has been over 2 months and to my knowledge no butterflies have been around.

I thought since summer is almost over that I was not going to see a butterfly so I kinda gave up hope and just focused on my flowers.  To my surprise while taking some pictures of the new blooms I noticed this butterfly/moth came to dine on my fading Petunia.  If you look really close you can even see its “tongue” lapping up some deliciousness.

It looks a little too hairy to be a butterfly so I think it is actually a moth but as usual I do not know what it is and it really does not matter.  But if you know please share.

~~ Butterfly or Moth ~~


~~ Cricket ~~

While sitting my big behind on the floor to capture some pictures that I may use for this weeks photo challenge this little cricket decided to take a break on my foot.  I have never seen one with a yellow stripe and when I did an image search on google nothing came up.


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WP Photo Challenge: Inspiration


My mood helps to inspire me when I tend to think too much and I need to get out of my head. When this happens I grab my trusty Sony a65 or Note 4 and head out the door to capture something interesting.  Arai (my handsome grandson) is also a great inspiration.

Today and yesterday I was inspired once again to go to the lake by my job and take some pictures.  Nature and all of her glorious wonders is awe-inspiring.

Check out the what inspires others and maybe you will get a little more inspired too!

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Another Lunch Date

Friday when I was eating lunch in my car I notice this little guy on my windshield.  I have been waiting for some butterflies to come and visit my Balcony Oasis but this maybe all I get this season.

It seems a bit hairy for a butterfly so I did a search and it is a moth.


Lunch Visitor 1

Lunch Visitor 1

Lunch Visitor 2

Lunch Visitor 2


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W.O.W Butterflies (2)

I forgot to add these pictures to the previous W.O.W Butterflies post.

This is what greeted us as we arrived at WOW (World of Wings).



I have already planned to go back so that I can see this art piece with some nice green grass reflecting on the wings.

Abstract Art made from Butterflies

Abstract Art made from Butterflies

I was not able to get a straight picture of the art piece due to the glare from the sun.

Abstract Art made from Butterflies

Abstract Art made from Butterflies – Part of the image from above.

Orange is the WP Photo Challenge for this week.

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Throw Back Thursday

When I lived in Arizona I visited the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix to view the Butterfly House.  There were quite a few varieties just politely flying around or blending in with the surrounding plants.

For the people who were wearing light-colored clothing the butterflies would land on them.  It seemed that they loved the brightness.

We were told by the staff that we could lore butterflies were ever we wanted by leaving trays of sugar-water and fruit laying out and they will be sure to come.

Here are just a few pictures of my visit in April of 2010.


Do you spot the butterfly that is blending in with the scenery?  

Click the links above to learn more about butterflies.

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Action Stage Right – 2nd attempt

I am not sure what happened to he original “Action Stage Right” post it just vanished.

So here is a redo.


Caught this little bird in mid flight.

Caught this little bird in mid-flight.

Action Stage Right

Action Stage Right

Which do you prefer color or black & white?




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Photo Excursion – Con’t

On our recent trip to Cape May a few weeks ago to try to see the butterfly migration we made a little side trip to the beach.  Once we got there my niece Caila wanted go swimming, had to tell her no swimming in October. But how can you go to the beach without at least getting your feet.  So I let her put her feet in the ocean and then I had a great idea, just to take pictures of her feet.

It was different because then you did not have to worry trying to get her to have a “natural” or “happy” expression on her face.


Childhood innocence.  This day brought back memories of when I was a child and my mother would take us to Atlantic City and walk the boardwalk. This was before the casinos came to town…LOL

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