I managed to get up early again and catch the beginning of another beautiful day.   The sun decided to hide behind the clouds today so no pictures of the sun kissing the ocean but I did get some pictures of the breath-taking colors in the sky.

Colorful Sunrise

Colorful Sunrise

Since the sun was not cooperating like i wanted it too, I was able to make a short clip of the sand Crabs throwing sand out of their holes

Please forgive the shaking I forgot to bring my tripod.



This is also my entry for this week’s WP Photo Challenge: Today was a Good Day. 

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  1. I loved that video! That crab was fast too.


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  2. Wait …. wait … wait …. !!! there it is !!! What a hook.

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  3. Ooooh! That film of the little crab is so adorable. Thank you for the film. So cute!! And the colours in the sky you catched are indeed beautiful.

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  4. Always enjoy watching the little sand crabs. Thx. for sharing.

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  5. Lovely. Sand crabs are busy little buggers. Also loved the sound of the sea. Close your eyes and you’re half way there. (But then you miss the crab and the video)
    Thank you.


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