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Frogs Aplenty

While checking out the garden and seeing the devastation that the groundhog did, i noticed a bunch of black things hopping around.

Initially I thought they were crickets but on closer inspection I see it is a bunch of baby frogs!

Have you seen anything interesting lately?

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Meet Mr. Theodore Oliver Alexander Donovan, III

Meet Mr. Theodore Oliver Alexander Donovan, III aka TOAD who lives under my steps.  In a previous post, Spare Room, I let you all know that Toads/Frogs live under my steps.  Well as you clearly see by Theodore, I still have not fixed the steps.  There is a plan in motion to fix them this summer.


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Happy Easter!

I hope everyone has a GREAT day with family and friends.

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….And he is back! 19/30

Back in May I made a post about my Spare Room, which housed a couple of frogs.  Then I found out that there was something else lurking in my spare room, a snake.

I have been waiting for the steps to be fixed but when something is free it rarely happens in the time frame that you may want.

So the other night I noticed that the frogs were back.  My grandson Arai was intrigued to see the frog just sitting there.

This frog had no fear of us, no matter how many times we went up and down the steps he did not move.



Although I have taken pictures everyday I am a bit behind in posting for my 30 Day Challenge. I will be correcting that today (hopefully).

I had the wrong settings on the camera so picture quality is not great at all.

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Mr. Toad

I found this toad/frog while I was working in my flowerbed. I guess he did not like the fake frogs getting all the glory and decided to make its presence know.

frog 5

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Under the Spotlight

Ornament from my flowerbed. A happy frog.

Under the spotlight

Under the spotlight

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Today I have the pleasure of serving my community.  I have been selected to be a possible juror for a civil or criminal case.

I have always dreaded this possibility because I didn’t want to be responsible another’s life. And wondering are we getting all of the necessary information to make an educated decision.




Have you ever had to serve on a jury?

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Froggy Friday 2

A new addition to my Balcony Oasis. 

Froggy Friday

Froggy Friday


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An Odd Visitor at the Oasis

The other night my daughter was enjoying an evening in my Balcony Oasis.  As she was coming in she noticed this little frog on the railing.  We are wondering how did this little guy make it up to the second floor?


Flying Frogs?


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