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New ventures coming

I got the word on Thursday that I am being laid off on March 31, 2017 just 131 days away and counting down.  In total nearly 1400 people are losing their jobs over an 14 month period.  I am part of the 2nd group to leave.  I knew it was possible since the company will not be servicing mortgage loans for a certain type of client any longer but I was hoping that I was in the 50% that was going to stay till the end or I chose otherwise.  They will be holding job fairs and helping us with updating our resumes, so hopefully I won’t be jobless come April 1st.

Staying positive and making light of the situation for now is how me and a few others are dealing with it.  One of the things that we are going to do is have a going away party of us and have some battery operated candles and as we leave someone will turn off our candle.  Kinda like the show Survivor.



This is Lake Worth. As a kid my mother would take us here to go swimming back in the early 70’s. It is now closed but I still have some good memories.

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PS if you have any job leads in the South Jersey area let me know.


Nature’s Stairway

Be prepared to look down from time to time as you may be pleasantly surprised by what you see.



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Just a Bit of Attitude

I do not know why but I have a thing for bugs, insects and such.  My grandson Arai is aware of this so when every he sees a bug he calls me to take pictures of it.

Yesterday he saw a butterfly on my flowers and proceeded to tell me to come out “….Mom-mom come here there’s a white butterfly with a mole on it, hurry-up and be quite you don’t want to scare it…”.  He listens so well (when he wants to).



After this was taken he chose not to listen to his mother and was sent to “time-out”.  He was all attitude at that point.


But lucky for us, his attitudes do not last long.  Within 5 minutes we were back looking for more insects to photograph.

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Busy bee 24/30

cherry on top1

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Have you ever seen this? 13/30

I have these succulents, Chick’s and Hens, that were originally my Grandmother’s so these plants are old.  I do not recall ever seeing them grow like this.

Have you ever seen them grow like this?   Is this something that only happens sometimes?



Did you notice the giant spiderweb?

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Queen Anne’s Lace.  I have seen this a thousand times and never realized that it was red in the center.  It may only be on certain ones or I just never really looked not sure.



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A New Begining

Last saturday my grandson, Arai, was in extra rare form.  He was bouncing and zipping around everywhere and nothing would keep him still for long.  He could not go outside due to the chilly rain that we have been having (today the rain and sun finally came out!). So we were all cooped up and going a bit stir crazy.

His mother and I had to find a way to funnel some of his energy.  I came up with the brilliant ideal to have him plant some sunflower seeds.

After a week we notice that the plants have broken ground and are reaching for the sun.


arai with new plant2

arai with new plants

Entered into this weeks Daily Post Challenge: Earth.  Make sure you go and check out the other entries.

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Bad Hair Day

Today is May 1st and it has started off as a very rainy day. According to the forecast it is supposed to rain all week.  Isn’t April the rainy month?

During one of the clear moments I ventured out  with my cell phone to get some pictures of the wet flowers.

One of the pictures I captured was of a dandelion.  All of the feather like seeds were drenched and it reminded me of a really bad hair day I had some years ago when I got caught in the rain without my umbrella.

bad hair day


Hair you had a bad hair day?


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Prima Ballerina

Recently I have not taken many picture but I am trying to get back into the swing of things.  I bought these flowers a while ago and can not remember their name (nothing new for me). I like how the buds hang low and then when it blooms the petals go up with a little swirl to them.

Prima Ballerina

Prima Ballerina

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Under the Spotlight

Ornament from my flowerbed. A happy frog.

Under the spotlight

Under the spotlight

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