Today I have the pleasure of serving my community.  I have been selected to be a possible juror for a civil or criminal case.

I have always dreaded this possibility because I didn’t want to be responsible another’s life. And wondering are we getting all of the necessary information to make an educated decision.




Have you ever had to serve on a jury?

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  1. Talk about timing!! You will have to go to my site and check out my post from last night called The Verdict is In 🙂 I was at the court house yesterday for jury selection. Good luck to you and I will say that I dreaded it at first when I got the letter to. But yesterday learning so much more, I saw what a opportunity it is. I love your picture tho,for it goes well 🙂

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  2. Good luck to serve the community

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  3. I understand your anxiousness. Being on a jury is an interesting experience. I’ve served on two juries. One was a grand jury, and we had to decide if there was enough evidence to bring the person to trial in a murder case. All but one of us thought there was enough evidence. The other person thought we were convicting the person, and insisted that the person could be innocent. Indeed he could have been, but that wasn’t our job. The other jury was a civil case. the person admitted guilt and we decided what damages the victim would receive. I learned that the law is very much the art of persuasion. We were not persuaded to award the victim damages because the victim seemed to be so unwilling to follow doctor’s orders and his attorney was so obnoxious. He received only what the opposing attorney suggested that he should receive. instead of the nothing that most of the jurors wanted to give him.

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    • Shortly after I made the post we were all excused. Both of the juries you served on sound very interesting and difficult. How do you keep personal opinions out.

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      • It’s hard, and I don’t think you really do, but you listen to everyone else’s opinions, and you weigh the facts. Attorneys try to eliminate everyone they think will harm their case. They ask a lot of personal questions.


  4. That can’t be an easy thing to do. I hopa it is not a to difficult case.

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  5. Yes, I have. The first time, I was so stressed over remembering every detail–and ended up with a migraine. I hope you’re able to relax and trust you’ll have the information you need.


  6. Years ago, I served several times. It gives you a whole new outlook on the justice system. 🙂


  7. I haven’t. Now in jury serving two risks apply: false positive (or Alpha risk) to find someone guilty who really is innocent. False negative (or beta risk) is to find innocent someone who is guilty. With death penalty, one has to go with the beta risk: better to let go someone guilty than condemn someone who is innocent. 🙂
    I think that is why Americans (or maybe the english) have coined the phrase: beyond any reasonable doubt.
    Still, glad you were excused. It must be a terrible burden.

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