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Standing Out 9/30

Today I did not go out and take any pictures.  Traci and I planned to go to Wildwood NJ to see sand sculptures and taste some BBQ at the competition going on this weekend but the weather looked like rain all day.  Hopefully we can go tomorrow, the weather is looking better.

So I stayed home and watched a YouTube video by Terry White on the 10 things you need to know about Photoshop.  Some of the things were the same or very similar as Photoshop Elements so I am not as uneducated as I thought but it did show that I have sooooo much to learn.

I worked some more on selective color and adjusting the exposure  Here is todays project.

Selective Color 1


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Enchanted Forest 8/30

Gentle Breeze 1

Edited with Super Photo App



Original – No edits

I took this picture yesterday but forgot to post it for my 8th of 30 images  challenge.

Added to the Daily Post Challenge Look Up.

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