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Framed by Nature

I was once again snapping some pics of birds on the feeder when I noticed something moving in the trees.

I looked up I see this beauty….

…she was just browsing in the trees.

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Fungus Friday 6

No face in the fungus today.

No face in the fungus today.

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Flower of the Day 8/7/19 – Limitless

Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.

Jamie Paolinetti

Crepe Myrtle

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Wordless Wednesday

Well almost wordless….there is only 34 days till the first day of spring and not to far from that will we start to see new leaves sprouting from trees and plants popping up from the ground. I cannot wait

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Today I had a few trees cut down and in the pile I find 2 unlikely images, a heart and what looks like 2 eyes (to me anyway) on the side of a log. When I put them together it looks like it is smiling.



I will be getting a straw hat for it and placing it in my flowerbed somewhere.


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The Nuts are Out!

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Is it really fall?

Some of you may have a couple of my earlier post when I was dreading the fall weather since it will start to get cold.  Well the weather here in NJ is anything but fall like.  Today we had temperatures in the 80’s and tomorrow we may even break the record if it reaches 86 degrees.

I haven’t taken many pictures at my workplace oasis in a while so since the weather was so nice I decided to take a few pictures.



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Last One

While at Princeton Battlefield friday we noticed that there were several apple trees in a small cluster but this was the last apple.



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And he called her name…

“TRACI….Come and see me” said the massive tree.

Traci and I had to leave work early today to handle some family business.  When that was finished, we stopped by Strawbridge Lake in Mt. Laurel NJ for some pictures.

There was this massive tree with limbs that were so thick and extremely long that seemed to just be calling for someone to climb it.  So Traci being Traci answered the call and climbed the tree (only minor assistance from me was needed).

The picture does not do justice to the size of this tree.

The picture does not do justice to the size of this tree.



This branch/limb was so thick and long it just amazed me.

This branch/limb was so thick and long it just amazed me.



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Enchanted Forest 8/30

Gentle Breeze 1

Edited with Super Photo App



Original – No edits

I took this picture yesterday but forgot to post it for my 8th of 30 images  challenge.

Added to the Daily Post Challenge Look Up.

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