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Photoshop cc 2015 – Videos

Here is a list of Photoshop cc 2015 YouTube videos that I have found interesting.  I will add to this list as I learn more things.  Let me know if you found something that I can add.

10 Things beginners want to learn how to do.

Selective Sharpening

4 New things with the June 2015 update (content aware crop, marquee, liquify and removing and adding image)



Berries 15/30

I decided to do some more practice with Photoshop.

I did some basic adjustments with hues/saturation and Exposure.  I inverted it so to only concentrate on 2 of the berries.  Then I used selective sharpen.

I reviewed 2 videos, 1st  Terry White from Adobe Creative Cloud TV “How to get started with Photoshop”  and the 2nd one by Brent Hall from Light Benders Visuals “Selective Sharpening in Photoshop CC”.

So how did I do?

The changes are subtle just enough (in my opinion) to make the berries stand out.


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