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A Pleasant Surprise

While out in the yard today I was debating on what to photography before my work day starts. After assessing my options between the vegetables, hummingbirds or flowers, I decided on the Indigo plant.

The striking dark color of the berries contrasting with the dying leaves and green background I thought it would make a great muse for a few minutes.

Then i saw my fisfirst Praying Mantis abs as i moved areound i see 3 more. There were 4 Praying Mantis on the Indigo plant. I have never seen more then one at a time. It is usually one or maybe, if I am lucky, 2 in a season. This was a pleasant and well need surprise.

The fourth picture was too blurry to post.

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Wild Berries, a Rose and a Surprise

I finally started cutting the grass on the other side of the garden. This area had not been cut since last year and it is truly out of control.

Under most of the brush there were berries. They were all over.

I also found that there were still some wild Roses that have not completley fade away yet.

As a bonus I found a Praying Mantis!

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Berries 15/30

I decided to do some more practice with Photoshop.

I did some basic adjustments with hues/saturation and Exposure.  I inverted it so to only concentrate on 2 of the berries.  Then I used selective sharpen.

I reviewed 2 videos, 1st  Terry White from Adobe Creative Cloud TV “How to get started with Photoshop”  and the 2nd one by Brent Hall from Light Benders Visuals “Selective Sharpening in Photoshop CC”.

So how did I do?

The changes are subtle just enough (in my opinion) to make the berries stand out.


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Wild Berries

Went to a Park yesterday in Sewell NJ for a very brief walk before I had to get the brakes on my new car fixed (story for another day).

There were several large patches of wild flowers.  This particular patch had some berries.

Some of the berries  look like miniature green pumpkins.  What do you think?


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Before and After

Here is a sample of before and after.  Photos were taken on my Samsung Note 4 and edited using Snap Seed and Pronto  (to copywrite picture).

Let me know what you think.





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(not sure why pics are so big when posting from phone)

Tree Blossoms




Berries from a tree. 
Does anyone know what type the are?

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