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From the Forest Floor –

On the forest floor-2

On the forest floor-2

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From the Forest Floor- Stumped

This moss was located in a tree stump from our Adventure outing.  I like how the moss forms a “V” and the back of the stump resembles the side of a mountain.  This could be from a valley in some rainforest in South America

On the forest floor

On the forest floor


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Last night my niece celebrated her 30th birthday so I was elected to babysit 3 little ones.  With the crying, fighting and sweetness we called it an early night, including me with a splitting headache from all the noise.  It was good during the sweetness to have the kids at the house.

In the morning I woke early and needed to figure out what to do as I did not want to start the day the same way it ended.

So Arai and I made breakfast (pancakes and sausage) and he did some dishes as I cooked.  This little task helped set the mood for the morning.


The Dishwasher

After breakfast we go dressed and went on an Adventure in the woods.  This was all done by 9am.

We walked the woods for a good hour and a half (mainly in circles).  Arai and Camren were totally enjoying our walk.

Since this was an adventure Arai needed to find some treasure.  He found at least 5 pinecones and a piece of wood that he claimed as treasure which Mom-mom (me) had to photograph and hide in her pockets (yes I still have them).  I am think of making a treasure map and hiding some things in the woods for our next adventure.

Seeing how they all interacted in the woods made me glad that I am out of that apartment and in a house that has some land and surrounded by woods.

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Finality – State of Mind and a Reality

Today was my last day cleaning out the remaining things in my apartment.  For the past month I have been living in my new home and making it mine.  But there was always this nudge that I still had to go back to the apartment and finish cleaning out before the month is over.

Although I welcome this change from apartment living to house living it is still an ending.  Endings sometimes make you wonder if you made the right choice.

When something breaks or malfunctions just pick up the phone and call maintenance and they fix it with no question and the complex management pays all expenses.  Now all of that is on me.  Are my pockets ready for this? Did I bite off more than I can chew?


Finality - The closing of one chapter and begining another

Finality – The closing of one chapter and beginning another

I am making a list of the things I need to do room by room so get ready renovation pictures will be coming very soon.

I checked out to see if people are requesting money for renovations and there are over 1700 request for financial help.  Almost makes me want to start a page.

Entered in this weeks WP Photo Challenge:  State of Mind.


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A Camera Imitates

While checking out pictures on Instagram I came across this quote on simplescenesimagery page:


Focus on what’s important

Capture the good times

Develop from the negatives

And if things don’t work out

Take another shot!

I thought this was a perfect way to see things.  Sometimes when we break things down they make more seems.

Reflected Trees

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Looking Down

Sometimes when we look down we discover something new.




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End of a Season

This weeks WP Photo Challenge is Seasons.

This was taken at my Work Oasis a few days ago.  It depicts the end of summer with a dead/dormant plant and winter fully upon us with a frozen lake.

Seasons End

Seasons End

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While sitting in my car at my Work Oasis I noticed that the entire lake was frozen except this one spot.

As I got closer I was able to see the sky reflected.

I chose to make most of the photo black and white except the unfrozen portion of the lake.


mirror image 2


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Snow Dancer

Today we expect to get 1-2 inches of snow before it turns to rain.

On my first break of the day I took a picture of some snow flakes resting or dancing on my car.

Snow Dancer

Snow Dancer

Using my wildly vivid imagination I see this ice as an ice skater holding up another skater.  Can you see it?  Or am I really out in left field this time?



Day Trip

Another throwback picture.  This one is from April on the way back from North Jersey after sampling some very good wine.


Between the Lines

Between the Lines


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