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Life Imitates Art

The Daily Post Challenge this week is Life Imitates Art, well I don’t have any picture of that.  What I do have how Art Imitates Life.

On a past visit to the Grounds for Sculpture in Trenton, New Jersey back in 2014 there was a scene of men playing chess. The features were so real even down to the varying colors on the palm of his hand.


Hands of Chess Players


Sudoku – A game I can not play


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(Photos have been re-edited as I have learned a bit more.)





A Throwback in Time

Vintage car at the 2014 Car Show at Batso Village (click the link for a bit of history). I am not sure what type of car this is but it is a timeless classic.

Original photo with two versions of an edit.  Which do you prefer?


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WP Photo Challenge: Time

A throwback in time to December 2014 at a Christmas Festival in Philadelphia PA.  This is a photo of the clock tower on City Hall.  There is a statue of Ben Franklin on top.

Philadelphia City Hall December 2014

Philadelphia City Hall December 2014


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